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ICStation LC100-A High Precision Digital Inductance Capacitance

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1.Product Feature

Compared with other inductance capacitance measuring instrument, this one has the advantage of low cost and high precision. This item is based on LC resonance principle, and equipped with the precision measurement calculation function, it can measure the inductance under 1uH and the small capacitance under 1pF which is also the biggest characters of this meter, it is very suitable for microwave and switch power supply transformer, filtering inductance measurement, etc.

1. C model……..Capacitance(0.01pF-10uF)

2. L model……..Inductance(0.001uH-100mH)

3. HL model……Large inductance(0.001mH-100H)

4. HC model……Large capacitance(1uF-100mF)

All of its models are automatic range so it is very convenient for us to use it. As a result, ICSH014A can completely replace any other kind of inductance capacitance measuring instrument on the market compared from the measurement range and measurement precision. The performance parameters of this item is closed to the digital bridge, it is a kind of measuring instrument withe high Price ratio.





Precision of capacitance measurements







Capacitance measurement resolution(Cx)


Precision of inductance measurements





Inductance measurement resolution(Lx)


Precision of large inductance measurements





Inductance measurement resolution(HL)


Precision of large Capacitance measurements



Capacitance measurement resolution(HC)


Measurement frequency





Lx、Cx、HL measurement method

LC oscillation

HC measurement method

Charge and discharge

Display mode


The power supply interface

Micro USB and 5VDC socket

Power supply voltage



3.Structures introduction

The following picture show the whole effect.

When using this item, we can use MicroUSB cable to connect with the computer USB for power supply, it can also use the mobile phone charger which has USB or the power adapter which has DC 5V pin. if you use the DC power adapter, please make sure the inner hole is positive polarity, the peripheral is cathode, while you will not have problem with the polarity when use the Mirco USB.


4.Instrument structure:

There are five buttons on this item,  "Reset", large capacitor "HC", large inductance "HL", "L/C" choice button and the black extension button.The HC, the HL and L/C selection are with self-locking function, press means 1, loosen to 0, X represents an arbitrary, the functions are as following:

ICSH014A function table








Capacitance (Cx)




Inductance (Lx)




Large Inductance (HL)








Large Capacitance (HC)



1.Connect to the computer to get power supply, and turn on the power

2.Choose the right model according to the testing objects
Inductance :Measure Lx  0.000uH
Capacitance:Measure Cx 0.00pF
Large inductance:Measure HL      0.000mH
Large capacitance:Measure HL    0.00uF

3.The testing principle of the HC model is different with others, so next we talk about the using manner of the LX, CX and the HL first:

When Under these three kinds of model, you should reset this module.The make zero method is different between the capacitance and the inductance.
When under the Cx mode to measure terminal open circuit state, press "Func" button, then press the “Reset “button after the frequency changed with decades of Hz, loosening the button until it displays ”Setting…OK”, and then the LCD should displays ”0.00pF”, it means we have finish the making zero;when under HL Lx model, in the case of terminal short circuit, press the "Func" button,  press the “Reset” button after the frequency changes within dozens of HZ , press the "Reset" button loosening the button after the LCD displays Setting... "OK", and then the second line of the LCD should show "0.000 mH" and "uH" 0.000, After open the terminal the LCD shows "Over Range!".And then you can connect under test capacitance or inductance with this module.
When the LCD displays the testing result, press the “Func” button, it will show the current testing frequency.

4.When under HC model, please make sure the under test capacitor is fully discharge, then connect the red test clamp with the anode, black test clip with the cathode. We can find the test results from the LCD.  We should note when test the larger capacitance (more than 10 mf), the test time will be more than 1 second, the larger the capacitance is, the longer time of the testing, it will cost 7-8 second to test 100mF capacitance.



1.When using the HC model to measure the electrolytic capacitor, pay attention to the polarity, red stands for anode, black stands for cathode.

2.Before measuring, we need to reset it to avoid negative value because the 1602 would not display negative value.

3.Do not press the reset button when there is any item under testing, this will lead to complete wrong result.

4.Do not measure the capacitance when there is no discharge, this may do harm to the measurement Instrument.

5.Make sure the inner hole is positive polarity, the peripheral is cathode when we use the 5V power adapter to provide power, or it will harm this module.

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ICStation LC100-A High Precision Digital Inductance Capacitance