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LC-01 51 AVR Programmer ISP USBASP Downloader Onboard ATMega8 (L) Chip

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  It is a USBASP downloader. This product can be directly connected to the computer USB port, a real USB downloader product, through which it connects to the target board, can download and program the single-chip microcomputer. It is especially suitable for notebook computers, desktop computers, download and debug through USB port programming.
  1).Onboard ATMega8 (L) chip
  2).With two indicator lights for power supply and programming.
  3).Onboard 500mA overcurrent protection self-recovery fuse.
  4).Support 5V and 3.3V power supply for the target board.
  5).It supports AT89S51/52 MCU.
  6).Support all ASP chips of AVR.
  7).The output port is an ATMEL standard port.
  8).There is a USB power supply and the target board supports a target voltage of 5V, which can be selected through the jumper cap connection.
  9).AUTOSPEED can automatically adjust the speed of the firmware,the downloader will automatically track the chip frequency to be programmed,and automatically change the speed to achieve automatic speed adjustment.
  10).Reserve MOSI,MISO,RET,SCK,VCC,GND.6PIN interface,convenient for users to connect to the target board as needed.
  11).The PROGRAMMING programming interface is reserved,and users can upgrade the downloader firmware by themselves.
  1).Product Name:USBASP Downloader
  2).Supply Voltage:DC 5V-3.3V
  3).Programming Software:AVR_fighter,PROGISP1.66,PROGISP1.67,PROGISP1.68
  4).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  5).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Interface Definition:
5.Chips that Support Programming:
  1) 51 series:
AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8253, AT89S2051, AT89S8252, AT89S4051
  2) AVR series:
ATTiny12(L), ATTiny13(V), ATTiny15(L), ATTiny24(V), ATTiny25(V),  ATTiny26(L), ATTiny2313(V), ATTiny44(V), ATTiny45(V), ATTiny84(V), ATTiny85(V), AT90S2313(L), AT90S2323(L), AT90S2343(L), AT90S1200(L), AT90S8515(L), AT90S8535(L), ATMEGA48(V), ATMEGA8(L), ATMEGA88(V), ATMEGA8515(L), ATMEGA8535(L), ATMEGA16(L), ATMEGA162(V), ATMEGA163(L), ATMEGA164(V), ATMEGA165(V), ATMEGA168(V), ATMEGA169(V), ATMEGA169P(V), ATMEGA32(L), ATMEGA324(V), ATMEGA325(V), ATMEGA3250(V), ATMEGA329(V), ATMEGA3290(V), ATMEGA64(L), ATMEGA640(V), ATMEGA644(V), ATMEGA645(V), ATMEGA6450(V), ATMEGA649(V), ATMEGA6490(V), ATMEGA128(L), ATMEGA1280(V), ATMEGA1281(V), ATMEGA2560(V), ATMEGA2561(V),AT90CAN32,AT90CAN64,AT90CAN128,AT90PWM2(B),AT90PWM3(B)
  1).1pcs USBASP Downloader
  2).1pcs 10P Data Cable
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LC-01 51 AVR Programmer ISP USBASP Downloader Onboard ATMega8 (L) Chip