• 50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery
  • 50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery
  • 50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery
  • 50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery
  • 50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery

50W DC USP Voltage Converter Power Supply Module for 2s 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery

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  It is a UPS power supply module.When the input power has power, it will charge the battery, and when the power goes out, the battery will reverse the output to supply power to the load. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop, and when the voltage drops, it will automatically replenish the battery. It supports bidirectional charging and discharging, with its own battery charging function, discharging function, and output overload or short circuit protection function in battery mode

  1).It has wire bonding interface at both ends.
  2).It has charging indicator and discharging indicator.
  3).It supports synchronous step-down charging.
  4).It supports hot plugging.
  5).It supports overload short circuit protection and battery over discharge protection.

  1).Product Name:UPS Power Supply Module
  2).Input Voltage:DC 9V-15V
  3).Output Voltage:DC 9V-15V
  4).Output Current:4A
  5).Applicable Battery:2 strings of batteries (7.4V-8.4V battery)
  6).No-load Power Consumption:0.3mA-0.5mA
  7).Battery Capacity Support Range:2-15Ah
  8).Upper Limit of Charging Current:1.2A-1.4A
  9).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  10).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Supported Battery Types:
  1).It can be connected to conventional lithium-ion batteries or polymer batteries,or cylindrical batteries such as 21700,26650,32650,etc.
  2).It is not recommended to use inferior batteries or disassemble batteries,because it is easy to damage when the battery parameters are inconsistent,unless you have a battery measuring instrument,and inferior batteries are prone to high temperature during high current discharge,and overheating of the battery will cause fire or explosion.

5.Input Voltage and Charging:
  1).It is recommended to input 9V,you can also input any voltage between 9-15V.
  2).It does not matter whether your power supply has a charging function,because there is a professional charging chip on the motherboard,which can charge the 2S battery to about 8.2-8.4V.

6.About the Charging Current:
  1).The default current is 1.2-1.4A,and the charging power is about 11W.
  2).The battery should be connected last when assembling,so as not to throw the wire ends on the components and damage the motherboard.Remember to charge and activate after assembly.When the output is short-circuited,it also needs to be charged and activated to have output.

7.Battery Discharge and Path Loss:
  1).Connect to 8.4V battery,the discharge range is 6-8.4V,when the battery is lower than about 6V,it will be automatically disconnected,and the connection will be restored after charging.
  2).The path internal resistance of the module is 70-80 milliohms,the loss is 0.07-0.08V when discharging 1A,and the loss is 0.14-0.16V when discharging 2A.
  3).When the motherboard heats up,the internal resistance will increase.
  4).The no-load loss of its battery interface is 0.3-0.5mA.

8.Discharge Current and Functional Protection:
  1).When the motherboard is naturally dissipating heat,the rated discharge current is 4A.As long as the ambient temperature is not high,it can continuously output 4A current,which is equivalent to the module can output 35W power,but because the battery is in use,the voltage will drop,causing the current to rise.,This is a physical rule,so it cannot be fully loaded in actual use,and the discharge current must be multiplied by the battery cut-off voltage.

9.About Heat Dissipation:
  1).The motherboard can be cooled by air cooling or with a temperature-controlled fan.It can output a current of 6A,which is equivalent to a peak output of 75W.If the power continues to increase,overload protection or short circuit will occur when the load current exceeds 6-8A.Therefore,even under air cooling,the current cannot exceed 6A,so as not to trigger the protection.It's fine in winter.When the temperature is below 5 degrees,the component can withstand a current of about 8A,and the protection will be triggered when the current exceeds 10A.If a boost or buck module is attached to the rear stage,pay attention to calculating the startup current.

10.About the Protection Function:
  1).At present,only the over-discharge protection and output overload/short-circuit protection in battery mode have been successfully debugged.Input reverse polarity protection failed to debug successfully.Because the current is too large,a current of dozens of amps passes through the components in an instant.Those small-volume components cannot withstand this current,so they will blow up.Therefore,please do not reverse the positive and negative poles.

  1).Isostatic UPS means that when discharging,the output voltage is equal to the battery voltage,the output is not boosted or regulated,and the output voltage will gradually decrease with the battery voltage during discharge.
  2).When connecting a motor or electromagnetic load,please connect a capacitor of several hundred microfarads in parallel with the IN port to counteract the interference or current impact caused by electrical sparks.Otherwise,the life of the chip will be affected.
  3).When making low-end products,the battery can be bare.If conditions permit,it is recommended that the battery be equipped with a protective plate and a uniform plate.

12.Indicator Brightness Indication:
  1).Discharge indicator:
    1.1).When the load is higher than 50mA-100mA,the discharge indicator will light up slightly
    1.2).When the load is higher than 0.5A-1A,the discharge indicator is brighter
    1.3).When the load is higher than 2A,the brightness reaches the upper limit
  2).Charging indicator:
    2.1).When the module is charging,the charging indicator is always on
    2.2).When the module is charged,the charging indicator will turn off
    2.3).When the module is abnormal,the charging indicator flashes

  1pcs UPS Power Supply Module

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