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DIY Kit FM Radio Module Adjustable 76-108MHz Wireless Receiver LCD Display DC 3.7V 5W 8ohm Speaker FM Digital Radio

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#DIY Kit #FM Radio Module Adjustable #76-108MHz Wireless #Receiver LCD Display (No Battery)

(Please kindly noted: We ship order via airmail. The 18650 battery is not included due to shipping restrict here.  Please prepare the battery by yourself. Hope for your kind understanding)


  • It is an 76.0MHz-108.0MHz Wireless FM Radio Receiver DIY Kit.
  • With a built-in high-definition display LCD display screen which can clearly display the receiving frequency and it can store 22 radio stations.


  • HD display LCD display screen
  • Support storage of 22 radio stations
  • Automatically search for radio stations
  • Built-in 30-level digital volume adjustment
  • Automatic memory function after power off
  • Support 76Hz-108MHz receiver frequency
  • Built-in rechargeable module
  • Built-in 5W power amplifier
  • Power saving mode with backlight off for 20 seconds
  • Support speaker and earphone audio output


  • Product Name:LCD Display FM Radio Receiver DIY Kit
  • Work Voltage:DC 3.0V~5.0V
  • Output impedance:8ohm
  • Output power:5W
  • Output channel:Mono for speaker and Dual channel for earphone
  • Frequency:87.0MHz~108.0MHz(Disable Campus Broadcasting Band)
  • Frequency:76.0MHz~108.0MHz(Enable Campus Broadcasting Band)
  • Equivalent noise: >=30dB
  • Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
  • Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  • Size(Installed):118*87*27mm

4.Use Methods:

  • Keep press AUTO button to automatically search and store the radio stations that can be listened to.
  • Automatically name searchable stations like P01,P02,P02 and so on.
  • Press P+ and P- to switch saved stations.
  • Press V+ and V- to adjust volume from V00 to V30.
  • Switch Campus Broadcasting Band: Keep press V+ and V- before power ON and then turn ON work power switch. It means enable Campus Broadcasting Band if display C1 on LCD. It means disable Campus Broadcasting Band if display C0 on LCD.Available after restart.
  • Enable backlight mode: Keep press P+ and P- before power ON and then turn ON work power switch. It means keep backlight ON if display B1 on LCD. It means the backlight will turn OFF after 20second if display B0 on LCD(This is the power saving mode).Available after restart.
  • It can output audio from speaker and earphone jack. The speaker of the module does not work when the earphone is connected.

5.Component List:


6.Schematic Diagram:

1.It cannot receive radio while it is charging.
2.It is a wireless module. So do not use it in an environment with signal interference.
3.Input charging voltage form micro USB on the bigger PCB.

8.Installation Steps, 
pls download PDF documents here:

DIY Kit FM Radio Module Adjustable 76-108MHz Wireless Receiver

Step 1: Install 1pcs 39Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R1.
Step 2: Install 2pcs 10Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R2,R3.
Step 3: Install 1pcs SOP-14 IC LM4863 at U1.There is a mark on one end of the IC and there is a mark on PCB where the IC can place on.These two marks are corresponding to each other and are used to specify the installation direction of the IC Socket.
Step 4: Install 1pcs micro USB socket at J2.
Step 5: Prepare 6pcs pin header.

Step 6: Install 1pcs Charging Module at J7 and fix by 6pcs pin header.
Step 7: Remove black fixed block from 6pcs pin header and fix Charging Module.
Step 8: Install 1pcs 0.1uF Monolithic Capacitor at C2.
Step 9: Install 1pcs 1uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitor at C1.Pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.The Longer pin is positive pole.
Step 10: Install 1pcs 3.5mm Audio Socket at J5.

Step 11: Cut a pin from 16Pin Female Socket.
Step 12: Install Female Socket at FM.Pay attention to the direction of the cut pin.
Step 13: Install 1pcs Self-locking Button at S6.
Step 14: Install 5pcs 6*6*20mm Black Button at S1-S5.
Step 15: Install 1pcs Self-locking Button Cap on Self-locking Button.

Step 16: Install 1pcs Antenna at ANT.Note that the antenna should be installed on the front of the PCB.
Step 17: Install 1pcs 18650 Battery Box at J1,J3.Pay attention to the positive and negative.Red wire is positive pole.
Step 18: Install 2pcs 15cm black Cable on speaker.
Step 19: Connect speaker to PCB at SP. The speaker does not distinguish between positive and negative.
Step 20: Install 1pcs FM Audio Receiver on Female pins.Pay attention to the direction of the cut pin.

Step 21: Tear off the protective film on the surface of the acrylic shell.
Step 22: Install 4pcs M3*15mm Copper Pillar and 4pcs M3*10mm Screw on Acrylic bottom plate.
Step 23: Fixed speaker on acrylic bottom plate by 4pcs M3*6mm Screw.
Step 24: Install 3pcs M3*6mm Screw and 3pcs M3 Nut on Acrylic bottom plate.Note that the wire should not be placed between the PCB and the acrylic.

Step 25: Fixed main PCB on acrylic bottom plate by 3pcs M3 Nut.Note that the wire should not be placed between the PCB and the acrylic.
Step 26: Adjust the position of the battery box. Do not place the wires under the battery box. The wires can be moved to both ends of the battery box.
Step 27: Fix other acrylic plate by 6pcs M3*6mm Screw and 6pcs M3 Nut.
Step 28: Connect to power supply and enjoy the effect.




Rating: [5] 5 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2021-07-02 07:28:08

Excellent little radio, but requires patience, good soldering iron and DYI skill. Sound quality is good with speaker and best with earphones. Lithium battery is not supplied but a good source is Adafruit 3.7V battery with red and black wires. To assemble case, I used tape to hold nuts while I screwed in the nuts.

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