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150pcs 23 Kinds IC Chip Operational Amplifier/Vibrator/PWM/Photocoupler/Timer LM324 LM358 NE555 LM393 LM339 NE5532

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 It is a IC type operational amplifier. It has 17 kinds of IC chips and 6 kinds of sockets to meet all your needs.

 1).A variety of IC type chips.
 2).It has various operational amplifiers.
 3).It is packed in a plastic box,which is not easy to break.
 4).The corresponding products are placed in labeled plastic boxes for easy searching.

 1).Product Name:IC Type Operational Amplifier
 2).IC Chip Types:17 types
 3).Types of Sockets:6 types
 4).Number of Components:150
 5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

 1).20pcs PC817c,DIP-4,general-purpose photocopier
 2).2pcs ICL7660s,overvoltage converter,charge pump
 3).20pcs NE555,DIP-8,timer,pulse generation,oscillator
 4).10pcs LM358,DIP-8,low-power bi-amplifier
 5).10pcs LM324,DIP-14,four working amplifiers
 6).10pcs JRC4558,DIP-8,dual working amplifier
 7).10pcs LM393,DIP-14,low offset voltage dual comparator
 8).10pcs LM339,DIP-8,low-power four-voltage comparator
 9).5pcs NE5532,DIP-8,dual high-performance low-noise operational amplifiers
 10).5pcs LM386m,DIP-8,low power audio frequency amplifier
 11).2pcs TDA2030A,TO-220,audio amplifier in Pentawatt package
 12).5pcs TDA2822D,DIP-8,low power stereo amplifier
 13).3pcs PT2399,DIP-16,CMOS Echo audio processor
 14).5pcs UC3842AN,DIP-8,high performance current mode controller
 15).5pcs UC3843AN,DIP-8,high-performance current mode controller
 16).5pcs ULN2003AN,DIP-16,bipolar (BJT) transistor array 7 NPN Darlington 50V 500mA
 17).5pcs ULN2803APG,DIP-18,bipolar (BJT) transistor array 8 NPN Darlington 50V 500mA
 18).2pcs DIP4 sockets
 19).7pcs DIP8 socket
 20).3pcs DIP14 socket
 21).3pcs DIP16 socket
 22).2pcs DIP18 socket
 23).1pcs DIP8-SOP8 through hole to SMD conversion adapter


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150pcs 23 Kinds IC Chip Operational Amplifier/Vibrator/PWM/Photocoupler/Timer LM324 LM358 NE555 LM393 LM339 NE5532