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1. About ICStation 
What can I find in ICStation.com?
At ICStation.com, we offer a wide variety of IC products, such as electronic devices and components, development modules, development boards, consumptive materials and so on. 
How can I buy from ICStation.com? 
Step 1: Join us - Registering as a member FREE by clicking " Register " to complete member registration application. 
Step 2: Find Items - Follow the guide line of "Product Categories to get the different product pages, or use our search function to search your interested items. 
Step 3: Select Items - Once you have a valid user account, you are allowed to select interested products to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart" .
Step 4: Pay for Items - We accept PayPal and T/T Bank Transfer ONLY now.  
What can I do if the check out failed?
Please contact orders@icstation-team.com or icstation.com@outlook.com, they will send Paypal Invoice or Money Request to help you complete the payment.
How do I register? 
Click "Register" to complete your member registration application. 
Why do I need to register? 
After register, you will own a private and protected account in ICStation.com.
Able to check your order details anytime. 
Able to get points/bonus after order placed.
Able to receive extra coupons for some promotional activities.
How do I change my user ID? 
You can't change the user ID once you registered. If you must change your user ID, Please re-register with a new user ID. 
What do I do if I forget my user name and/or password? 
You are allowed to get your password back in login page if forget password only, by clicking " Password Forgotten? click here" on the top right of website. And ICStation.com will send a new set of password to your registerd email address. 
If it doesn't work, then please contact the customer service for reset.
What can I do if the address book profile failed?
Please contact the customer service, they will update the address for you.
3. Finding products 
How do I find products? 
Find products on ICStation.com easily using one of the following methods: 
Product Categories - There are different catalogs to cover all our products.
Like capacitors, connectors, development board, modules and more. 
Search Bar - Use search bar to find what you want by keyword, product name, price and manufactures. 
How can I be notified of items for sale? 
You are asked to register with a valid and often used email address. We will send notification of items for sale, promotion and activities to your email address. Also we invite you to use our Newsletter for collecting our latest news. 
4. Your site shows up as insecure, no https. How safe is it?
We understand your doubt. However, please do not worry, we use Paypal to process order.
The payment page at PayPal is secure so there are no real dangers at all.
The browser cannot see that the shopping cart contents are going to a secure page (PayPal) for checkout hence there is the warning.
Once your order is placed into the PayPal website, the SSL has you covered.
What kind of payments do you accept? 
We accept PayPal, T/T Wire Transfer.
More Details About How To Pay via Credit Card if without Paypal Account? Click HERE !!!
For other payment method, please contact us at orders@icstation-team.com
Is your payment process secure? 
Yes. All payment information will be stored and processed using our secure server.
All the data is transferred in an encrypted format, and it can only be decrypted by the processing bank or by us. 
If you pay by paypal, everyone knows that paypal will guarantee your transation and safety of your paypal account. 
Who is responsible for shipping costs? 
For orders reached $20 usd, it is free. We undertake it:)
For orders below $20 usd, it is $5. Buyers need to pay for it. 
What kind of shipping method you can offer? 
1. Regular Shipping: Airmail with Insurance Tracking Number Service.
2. Express Shipping: DHL/FedEx/Aramex/UPS
How do I get a shipping estimate? 
ICStation.com will send you an email of shipping info after we got your order.
And you also can get the shipping info at the bottom of each page. 
Where will you ship to? 
We ship to worldwide. 
How do I check the status of my shipment? 
Log in ICStation---Find My Orders--Click View The Orders I've Made--Click View, for more info, please by check here: "Track your order". 
How does DropShipping Work? 
1) Choose a product on our website. 
2) Advertise it on your website(You can also lists our products on www.ebay.com or other online auction stores). 
3) Your customer places & pays order on your website. 
4) You place the same order on our website with your customer shipping address and keep the profits. 
5) We ships item to your customer without your customer knowing it is dropshipped. 
6) Your customer receives item; You never saw or touched any inventory. 
How does a drop shipping source benefit you? 
1) You can become a retailer without needing to invest large amounts of money and start your business with very little risk. 
2) There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain. 
3) Drop Ship allows you to sell a broad range of products without investment. 
4) You don't have to carry inventory or pay for inventory upfront - if the products doesn't sell, you never have to buy it. 
5) You do not have to buy packing materials and shipping labels, nor will you need a shipping account. 
6) You do not have to spend time on packaging and mailing the merchandise. 
Why choose ICStation.com as your DropShipper?
1) You may use our pictures and descriptions anywhere to help you in your sales.
2) No min. order is required.
3) You purchase products from us at competitive price and set your own retail price at whatever you want for huge profits. 
4) ICStation.com will ship your order anywhere you want with free shipping. 
What is the minimum quantity for your wholesale business? 
The minimum opening order for wholesale pricing is $200.00. Re-order minimums are $100.00.
If the opening order placed does not consist of $200.00 or more and does not meet our requirement it will be canceled automatically. 
Do you provide sample items to your customers? 
Sample items are NOT available, but please feel free to let us know if you need any material of the products. 
How much does it cost to join the affiliate program? 
It is FREE. You will earn a 5%-8% commission on ALL our products that we sell via your link. 
How do affiliates earn money? 
First you sign up to be an affiliate at our store.
Then you simply post product info and affiliate links on the internet about ICStation products.
Affiliates will be credited with all sales coming through their referrals. 
What products are included in the affiliate program? 
All the products on our website are included. 
Is it easy to set up? Do I need any technical knowledge? 
It is very easy. We provide all the material and keep it simple.
If you need any help we are available at orders@icstation-team.com.
We will provide you help and answer any questions you might have. 
How do I start? 
It is fast and easy! Click Join Free and choose the customer type as "Affiliate". 
Tip: If you have signed in as a customer, most fields on the sign up form will be filled automatically. 
How do I check my earnings? 
You will have your own login and password. You can login at any time to check your earnings. This is all updated in real time. 
How do I promote your products? 
We provide you with links/images which you can put on your web site. We will make promoting ICStation.com as easy as possible, leaving you with little work to do. 
How much can I expect to earn? 
This all depends on how many visitors you send to us. We pay 5% commission on all our products.
If a visitor to your website clicks on the link to the ICStation site and they buy at least $100 of products, you receive a $5 as commission.
It adds up quickly. 
When and how will I get paid? 
You will get paid on or around the 15th of each third month; i.e., each quarter (January, April, July, November).
We send your commission via PayPal. 
How do I contact you if I have a problem? 
For any queries regarding ICStation Affiliate Program, please email us at orders@icstation-team.com.
Make sure you provide as much information as possible in the e-mail.