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2000PCS GM5528 5mm Photoresistor, 100mW Bright Resistance, 10Kohm~20Kohm Photoelectric Switch Sensor

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 It is a GM5528 Photoresistance.
 Photoresistor is a kind of resistance made of semiconductor materials, and its conductivity changes linearly with the change of illuminance.

 1).It uses epoxy encapsulation.
 2).Its reliability is good.
 3).It is small in size.
 4).It has high sensitivity.
 5).Its response speed is fast.
 6).Its spectral characteristics are good.
 7).It can be widely used in various industries.

 1).Product Name:GM5528 Photoresistance
 2).Product Numbers:GM5528
 3).Maximum Voltage:150V
 4).Maximum Power Consumption:100mW
 5).Light Resistance:10Kohm~20Kohm
 6).Dark Resistance:1Mohm(Min)
 7).Work Temperature:-30℃~70℃
 8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

 1).Camera automatic metering
 2).Photoelectric control
 3).Indoor light control
 4).Alarm system
 5).Industrial control
 6).Light control switch
 7).Light control lamp
 8).Electronic toy

 1).Do not store this product in a humid,high temperature environment.
 2).The welding time is as short as possible.
 3).Note that the lead welding position should be more than 4mm away from the ceramic base.

  2000pcs GM5528 Photoresistance


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2000PCS GM5528 5mm Photoresistor, 100mW Bright Resistance, 10Kohm~20Kohm Photoelectric Switch Sensor