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Battery Capacity Tester Ah for 18650 Lithium Battery Lead-acid Battery Voltage Current Indicator Display Module

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  It is a battery capacity tester. It can test the battery capacity,voltage,and current of 18650 lithium battery lead acid.
  1>.Digital display
  2>.High precision
  3>.Support for measuring voltage
  4>.Support for measuring current
  5>.Supports measurement of battery capacity
  1>.Product Name:Battery Capacity Tester
  2>.Work Voltage:DC 4.5V~6V
  3>.Output Voltage:1V~15V(resolution 0.01V)
  4>.Termination Voltage Range:0.5V~13.0V
  5>.Work Current:70mA(MAX)
  6>.Support Through Current:3A(MAX,the resolution is 0.001A)
  7>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  1>.The tested battery should be fully charged first.
  2>.Do not connect the positive and negative terminals.Reverse connection may damage the circuit. 
  3>.Connect the load to the positive output terminal and the negative output terminal, and apply power to the tester via micro USB.Please use a mobile phone charging head, do not use a desktop or laptop USB
power supply,the battery voltage is displayed at this time.
  4>.Short press the OK Button to start the test directly.
  5>.The tester can automatically set the appropriate termination voltage according to the full charge voltage of the battery,and it will start flashing after 3 flashes.
  6>.If you need to set the termination voltage,just press the + Button and - Button to modify it when the battery voltage is displayed.The ending voltage is displayed as the flashing "E",followed by the voltage value and resolution of 0.1V.After setting,short press the OK Button to start the test.
  7>.After the test starts,the tester will turn on the electronic switch that controls the load.The test process data will be displayed in turn in the following order:current voltage(V), current discharge current(A), discharged capacity(Ah), discharge time(Min ), Termination voltage E(V).
  8>.The value can be manually switched by pressing the + Button and - Button.
  9>.When the battery voltage is lower than the termination voltage,the tester cuts off the load, the display data stays on the capacity (Ah),and the "Ah" indicator flashes quickly together.The displayed capacity at this time is the actual discharge capacity of the battery.Press any button Can make the data display stable.
  10>.Afterwards, you can check the termination voltage, average voltage, average current, capacity, and discharge time by pressing the + Button and - Button.Short press the OK Button again to restore the power-on state.You can replace the battery and test the next battery.
  11>.Modify the termination voltage during the test. Press the "OK" button during the test. The tester will pause the test. At this time, you can modify the termination voltage. When you press the "OK" button again, the test will resume.
  12>.Modify the termination voltage during the test:Short press the OK Button during the test,the tester will pause the test.At this time,you can modify the termination voltage.When you press the OK Button again,the test is resumed.
  13>.Stop the test during the test:Long press the OK Button during the test to stop the test.This operation will clear the test data.
5.Error Code and Meaning:
  1>.Err1:The battery voltage is higher than 15V.
  2>.Err2:The battery voltage is lower than the set termination voltage.
  3>.Err3:The battery cannot support the load discharge current or the internal resistance of the line is too large.
  4>.Err4:The current is too large (the current exceeds 3.1A).
  5>.Err5: Improper use or incorrect wiring has caused the device to be burned and cannot be used (current sampling or control switch MOS burned).
6.Tester Function Settings:
  1>.In the state of no power,long press the OK Button to power on until the tester enters the setting state.There are two setting contents.
  2>.Change the settings by pressing the + Button and - Button, and confirm and save the settings by pressing the OK Button.
  3>.AUon:The automatic voltage identification function is turned on.The tester will set a termination voltage based on the empirical value each time the test is started.
  4>.AUoF:The automatic voltage identification function is turned off. Each time the test is to be started,the tester only calls the last saved termination voltage and does not automatically set it.After each manual adjustment of the termination voltage,the tester saves this value.
  5>.ALon:Automatically turn on(Automatically alternate between the values ??displayed during the test).
  6>.ALoF:Automatic wheel display is turned off(The value of the test process is fixed and can only be switched manually).
  7>.If the battery is connected reversely,the circuit switch tube may be damaged when the load is connected and the load current is large (about> 0.8A).

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Battery Capacity Tester Ah for 18650 Lithium Battery Lead-acid Battery Voltage Current Indicator Display Module

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