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DS1302 DIY Rotating LED Clock Kit with Temperature and Light Control, 4-Digit Display

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  Our 4-Digit LED Clock Temperature Controller DIY Kit is the perfect addition to any home or office. With its automatic brightness adjustment, alarm clock function, and memory retention for power outages, you can rely on accurate time and temperature display no matter what.

  The LED clock temperature controller's simple and efficient design allows for easy brightness adjustments to fit your needs. Use it as a decorative piece or functional clock in any space. Upgrade your time-keeping with the LED clock temperature controller DIY kit today and never worry about inaccurate or dim displays again.

  This LED Clock Temperature Controller Kit is also an excellent choice for electronic hobbyists and teachers looking for a fun and educational project for their students. With its DIY design, users can learn and practice their electronic soldering skills while building their own functional LED clock. It is perfect for use in electronics classes or as a DIY project at home.
Get yours today and start exploring the exciting world of electronic soldering and clock-making!

  1>.Work Voltage:DC 5V
  2>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  3>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

3.Key function description:
  1>.There are two touch switches S1 and S2 on the clock. When displaying the time, a short press of S2 will display the date, and another short press of S2 will display the week when the date is displayed. When the week is displayed, another short press of S2 will display the year;

  2>.S1 is used to display the temperature and alarm time. Press S1 to display the temperature, and then press it again to display the alarm time;

  3>.Press and hold S1 and S2 simultaneously to switch the display mode of the circle LED, a total of 6 display modes, press once to switch one, cycle switching;

  4>.When S1 and S2 are pressed and held for more than 3 seconds, it will enter the setting mode, and the digital tube will display "Fu-1", which represents function 1. There are 5 functions in total: 1. Set time, 2. Set year, month and day, 3. Set alarm time, 4. Set time announcement;

  5>.When setting the alarm, the hour can be set to 24, and when it is set to 24 and saved, the alarm will be turned off;

  6>.In the setting mode, S1 switches the function number, S2 enters the corresponding function. After entering the corresponding function, press S1 to increase the number of the flashing section, and S2 switches to the next section;      

  7>.After switching to the last section, press S2 again to save and exit the setting mode.



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DS1302 DIY Rotating LED Clock Kit with Temperature and Light Control, 4-Digit Display