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Mini D1 PRO WIFI ESP8266 Development Board Module Sensor Kit 15PCS Learning Kit Compatible ModeMcu Lua

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This is a set of learning development board with 15 PCS different PCB. It can fully meet your learning needs.
They are the bread board extension, DS18B20 temperature sensor board, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor board, button expansion board, TF card board, high level relay module, TB6612 motor board, WS2812 RGB colorful board, BMP180 pressure sensor board, 0.66 inch OLED display, one turn two switch board, ESP8266 board, SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor board, charging expansion board.
No. Pin Description IC internal pin
1 D0
I/O, do not support interrupts, 
PWM, I2C, and 1-wire
2 D1 I/O, the default mode, SCL of  I2C GPIO5
3 D2 I/O, the default mode, SDA of 12C GPIO4
4 D3
I/O, pull up, 
low electricity normally enter the FLASH mode
5 D4 I/O, up pull GPIO2
7 D6 I/O, MISO of SPI GPIO12
9 D8 I/O, drop, SPI, default chip select (SS) GPIO15
10 A0 AD input, 0-3.3V ADC
11 TX Serial port launch GPIO1
12 RX Serial port reception GPIO3
13 RST Reset RST
14 3V3 Power 3.3V 3.3V
16 5V Power 5V External power supply
All IO work levels are 3.3V and can withstand 5V in a flash. In addition to D0, all IO supports interrupts, PWM, I2C, and 1-wire
No. Name I/O Port Details
1 TF card board
2 BMP180 pressure sensor board
3 WS2812 RGB colorful board D2
4 DS18B20 temperature sensor board D2
5 DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor board D4
6 High level relay module D1
7 0.66 inch OLED display
8 SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor board
9 TB6612 motor board
10 Charging expansion board 5V GND

Detailed explanation of some modules:
ESP8266 board:
1>. Based on ESP--8266EX, all IO port elicited.
2>. Using CP2102 as a serial port driver to ensure the stability of the transmission.
3>. Board high quality Rainsun antenna to ensure wireless transmission signal and distance.
4>. Built-in 16Mt byes (128Mt bit) memory.
5>. Reserved external antenna.
WS2812 RGB colorful board:
1>. The working temperature is 25 Celsius to 80 Celsius.
2>.The speed of data transmission is up to 800Kbps.
3>. The control circuit and the RGB chip are integrated into a 5050 packaged component to form a complete external control pixel point.
4>. Each pixel three color can achieve 256 brightness display, 16777216 colors of all color display, scanning frequency of not less than 400Hz/s.
DS18B20 temperature sensor board:
1>. The range of temperature measurement is -55 Celsius to 125 Celsius.
2>. The accuracy is ± 0.5 Celsius (-10 to 85 Celsius).
3>. The acquisition precision is from 9-bits to 12-bits.
4>. The mode of communication is 1-wire.
DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor board:
1>. The moisture measurement range is 20% to 95% (range from 0 Celsius to 50 Celsius).
2>. The error of humidity measurement is ±5%.
3>. The error of temperature measurement is ±2 Celsius.
4>. The operating voltage is 3.3V-5V.
5>. The output form is digital output.
BMP180 pressure sensor board:
1>. The pressure range is 300 to 1100hPa (9000m to -500m above sea level)
2>.The power supply voltage is 1.8V-3.6V (VDDD)
3>. Low power consumption, 5 micro - an under standard mode
4>. High precision: in low power mode, the resolution is 0.06hPa (0.5m)
5>. In high linearity, the resolution is 0.03hPa (0.25m)
SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor board:
1>. The measurement accuracy is±0.3 Celsius, ±3%RH.
2>. The measurement range is -40 to100 Celsius, 0 to 100%RH.
3>. The response time is 8S (tau63%) 5-30 (tau63%).
4>. The interface is the 12C interface.
High level relay module:
1>. High quality relay.
2>. It is more convenient to connect the KF301 terminal to the control line.
3>. High level trigger.
4>. The power supply is DC5V.
TF card board:
1>. The power supply voltage is 5V.
2>. The interface level is 3.3V to 5V.
3>. Support the card type Micro SD card (2G) and Micro SDHC (32G).
4>. The current is 200Ma (maximum).
Button expansion board:
1>. The operating voltage is 3.5V, 5V.
2>. Output is digital level (press high level, release low level).
3>. 12mm*12mm*5mm buttons.
4>. The insulation voltage is 30VDC.
TB6612 motor board:
1>. Built-in driver boot loader
2>. Using TB6612 as the driver chip
3>. Interface definition:
 A1, A2: motor A
 B1, B2: motor B
 S:IO pattern selection
0.66 inch OLED display:
1>. The screen size is 0.66 inch (64mm*48mm).
2>. The driver chip is SSD1306.
3>. The operating voltage is 3.3V.
4>. The interface definition is IIC (I2C).
5>. The I2C address is 0X3C or 0X3D.
Note: The size is manual measurement, and there will be 1-2 millimeter error. Thank you for your understanding.

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