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STC89C52 Development Board C51 USB Programmable 8051 MCU Controller System Board

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  It is a 51 microcontroller development board.It is fully compatible with WIN10/XP 32/64-bit operating system,and a USB cable fully realizes downloading programs/serial communication.Its accessories include blue screen with backlight LCD1602,infrared remote control,integrated infrared receiver and other accessories,which give full play to the expandability of the MINI51 development board.MINI's external dimensions and super expandability make BST-M51 easy to use in various DIY fields.
  1).It supports online learning and does not require cumbersome downloads,making learning more convenient.
  2).Add host computer software to control the development board on the computer side,which is super interesting and fun.Use the USB cable to connect the computer,you can use the intelligent host computer client to directly control the development board,two-way real-time communication,you can control the development board,and you can collect the data returned by the development board in real time.
  3).It uses a 1.6mm thick high-quality PCB board,which is durable and not deformed,surpassing the ordinary 1.2mm thick development board.
  4).Its support structure uses high-quality copper posts instead of cheap plastic support posts.
  5).It uses a 1.5-meter USB data cable with a thick copper core and shielding,and data transmission is stable.
  6).It uses blue screen with backlight 1602 for clearer viewing.
  7).It uses high-quality adjustable resistors for durability.
  8).It uses high-quality self-locking switches,imported reeds,and the feel and durability are far superior to ordinary switches.All-copper USB socket,sensitive contacts,long-term use without bad contact.
  9).It uses high-brightness SMD LED lights,red,green,yellow,blue four-color lights.
  10).It uses a 4-digit common negative digital tube,which is suitable for beginners and can display 4 digits in real time.
  11).It has four independent buttons,located on the right-hand side of the board,for flexible operation.It is a common input interface for single-chip microcomputers.A reset button can perform hardware reset on the microcontroller program.
  12).It adopts high-power infrared emission tube with high signal strength,and can remotely control home appliances within 7 meters.Additional leads to 4-bit 5V power interface,4-bit 3.3V power interface,and 4-bit GND interface.
  13).The accessories have an integrated infrared receiving head,which is plug and play.With the provided infrared remote control,it is easy to learn infrared decoding.
  1).Product Name:51 Microcontroller Development Board
  4).Compatible System:WIN10/XP 32/64 bit operating system
  5).Types of Accessories:10 kinds
  6).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  7).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.User Crowd:
  1).Electronics Enthusiasts
  2).Electronics beginners
  3).Teachers or students of school circuit learning
5.Usage Scenarios
  1).Development board learning
  2).School classroom experiment
  3).Interesting transformation
  1).1pcs BST-M51 motherboard
  2).1pcs STC89C52 chip
  3).1pcs MINI infrared remote control
  4).5pcs spare jumper cap
  5).5pcs cable
  6).1pcs blue screen with backlight 1602 LCD screen
  7).1pcs Android phone data cable
  8).4pcs copper pillar
  9).4pcs Nut
  10).1pcs integrated infrared receiver
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STC89C52 Development Board C51 USB Programmable 8051 MCU Controller System Board

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