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Transistor Tester Frequency Meter PWM Square Wave Generator LCR Meter Voltmeter Resistor Capacitor Detector Multifunction Detector TFT LCD Display

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  It is a transistor tester frequency meter.It uses a full-color screen to display measurement data,with a pixel area of ​​160*128.It is powered by a 9V laminated battery,or it can be powered by a power adapter.It uses a single-chip microcomputer ATMEAG328P DIP-28 with an IC socket.
  1>.It identifies the Darlington triode by its base-emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification factor.
  2>.It can test NPN and PNP triode common emitter current amplification factor,base-emitter threshold voltage,and collector-emitter leakage current at cutoff.
  3>.Rotary coding switch control,one-button measurement,automatic shutdown.
  4>.The display unit uses a 160x128 pixel color display screen,the entire screen has 8x20 characters,a color depth of 16 bits,and graphic display element symbols.
  5>.It automatically detects NPN and PNP triodes,field effect transistors,diodes,dual diodes,thyristors,thyristors,and automatically determines the pin distribution of the above transistors.
  1>.Product Name:Transistor Tester Frequency Meter
  2>.Input Voltage:6.8V~12V
  3>.Machine Current:30mA
  4>.Shutdown Current:20nA
  5>.Resistance Measurement Resolution:0.01ohm
  6>.Maximum Resistance:50Mohm
  7>.Capacitor Measurement range:25pF-100mF
  8>.Capacitor Resolution:1pF
  9>.Duty Cycle:1%~99% (adjustable)
  10>.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  11>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  1>.It measures up to 2 resistors at a time,so the three-pin adjustable resistor can also be measured.If the adjustable resistor is adjusted to the end,only one resistance value can be measured.
  2>.Measure up to two diodes at a time,and display the positive and negative poles and the on-voltage.
  3>.The light emitting diode is also displayed as a graphic symbol of a diode,and its on-voltage is much higher than that of an ordinary diode.
  4>.Zener diodes with reverse breakdown voltage below 4.5V can also be detected and displayed as a double diode symbol.The positive and negative poles are based on the diode symbol with a conduction voltage of about 700mV,and the conduction voltage corresponding to the other diode symbol is a regulated value.So don't measure a common diode and a Zener diode at the same time.
  5>.When testing a single diode,test the reverse junction capacitance of its PN junction at the same time.The PN junction capacitance of the triode can also be tested.At this time,only the base and emitter of the triode or the base and collector can be placed at the same time.
  6>.Capacitors below 25pF can also be tested.This test requires first preparing a 30pF capacitor,then testing the 30pF capacitor first,then measuring it in parallel with the capacitor under test,and subtracting the measured value of the 30pF capacitor from the result obtained.
  7>.Output one square wave signal,multi-level frequency can be selected,the highest output frequency is 2MHz.
  8>.Output one pulse signal (PWM) with fixed frequency and adjustable duty cycle.
  9>.Separate capacitance test function.This test method is continuous measurement.The capacitor of 2uF-50mF can be directly measured in its circuit.The circuit where the capacitor under test must be powered off,and the capacitor under test must be completely discharged.
  10>.Thyristors and thyristors can only identify their pin distribution,and the trigger current of the thyristor or thyristor to be tested is less than the current that the tester can provide,and the tester can only provide a trigger current of up to 6mA.
  11>.Before testing a capacitor,be sure to discharge it first.Otherwise,the tester's microcontroller may be damaged.
  1>.1pcs Transistor Tester Frequency Meter
  2>.4pcs Copper Pillar
  3>.4pcs Screws
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Transistor Tester Frequency Meter PWM Square Wave Generator LCR Meter Voltmeter Resistor Capacitor Detector Multifunction Detector TFT LCD Display

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