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AC 100V-240V WiFi Smart Controller DIY Mini Concealed Switch Support APP Voice Remote Control

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  It is a concealed switch. It has a variety of functions, such as voice control, remote control, networking technology, group control and so on.
  1).It can be timed, fixed-point switch,or other operations,etc.
  2).Both switches and groups can be renamed for easy distinction and memory.
  3).It can be personalized and customized scenes to realize various intelligent scene applications.
  4).The scene can be triggered based on the temperature,humidity,weather,PM2.5 value and other parameters.
  5).It is small in size and easy to install.
  1).Product Name:Concealed Switch
  2).Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  3).Input Voltage:AC 100V-240V
  4).Input Frequency:50/60Hz
  5).Input Current:16A(Max)
  6).Output Voltage:AC 100V-240V
  7).Output Frequency:50/60Hz
  8).Output Current:16A(Max)
  9).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  10).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Function Introduction:
  1).Mobile APP control. Use the mobile phone to control the device's switch,timing,countdown and other functions.
  2).Voice control.It supports voice assistants such as Tmall Genie,Alexa,GoolHome,and realizes functions such as switches.
  3).Remote control. It can realize the remote control of the light by the mobile phone,no matter where you are in the earth,as long as your mobile phone can connect to the network,you can control it.
  4).Networking technology.One mobile phone can control multiple switches,and one switch can be controlled by multiple mobile phones at the same time.
  5).Group control.The lights can be grouped to achieve unified control (simultaneous switching,timing,etc.).
  6).The Internet of Everything.Through settings,it can be linked with other intelligent scenes to make life smarter.
  7).Sharing and security.The main account can be shared with other members of the family,and the functions and settings are completely retained and copied.
  8).Security:Once the lamp is added by the main account,the lamp will be hidden,and other users can no longer find and add it.It needs to be actively shared before others can use it.
  1pcs Concealed Switch
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AC 100V-240V WiFi Smart Controller DIY Mini Concealed Switch Support APP Voice Remote Control

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