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10pcs DC Micro 130 Motor 3V 16500rpm 1.3A Electric Motor Science Experiment for Toy 4WD

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  It is a 130 motor.It's a tiny 130 motor with a red back cover and not much torque.Generally small toy cars are this kind of motors,generally using 3-6V batteries,that is,2 to 4 AA batteries.

  1).The 130 motor is a small motor with small volume and easy to carry.
  2).The speed of the DC motor can reach 16500 rpm.
  3).The working voltage of the four-wheel drive motor is small,which is convenient and satisfying.
  4).The no-load current of the motor is only 0.7A,which consumes less power.

  1).Product Name:130 Motor
  2).Motor Specification:15*20mm
  3).Motor Height:25mm
  4).Output Shaft:2.0mm
  5).Length of Output Shaft:7.5mm
  6).Input Voltage:DC 3V-6V
  7).Rated Voltage:3V
  8).Speed:16500 rpm
  9).No-load Current:0.7A
  10).Stall Current:1.3A
  11).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  12).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

  1).Small toy car
  2).Use the propeller as a small fan

   10pcs 130 Motor

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10pcs DC Micro 130 Motor 3V 16500rpm 1.3A Electric Motor Science Experiment for Toy 4WD