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3PCS AC 180V-250V 200W High-power Fan Speed Control Module 120-Type 100% PWM Stepless Governor

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  It is a speed switch module.It changes the average current power on the load from 0-100% by changing the output voltage,thereby changing the load and motor speed.

  1).It adopts 148 self-contained switch stepless potentiometer,which is more convenient to use.
  2).It has pure copper binding posts with stable electrical conductivity.
  3).Its shell is made of thickened flame-retardant PC material,which is flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant,making it more secure to use.
  4).It uses high-power transistors plus high-quality capacitor-resistor components.
  5).It enables the energy power of the power supply to be fully utilized and the circuit efficiency is high.

  1).Product Name:Speed Switch Module
  2).Voltage Regulation Range:70V-250V (speed regulation),30V-250V (dimming)
  3).Working Voltage:AC 180V-250V,50Hz/60Hz
  4).Load Power:200W (Max)
  5).Wiring Method:two-wire connection,the same connection method as ordinary single-control switch,can directly replace the wall switch.
  6).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  7).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

  1).Overload use is strictly prohibited.
  2).It is strictly forbidden to connect live wire and neutral wire at the same time.
  3).Rainwater intrusion is strictly prohibited.
  4).The connected load must support stepless speed regulation

5.Scope of Application:
  1).Ceiling fans,electric fans,exhaust fans,etc.
  2).Fan,blower fan,exhaust fan,etc.
  3).Fans,floor fans,ventilation fans,etc
  4).Motor,single-phase motor,axial motor,etc.

   3pcs Speed Switch Module


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3PCS AC 180V-250V 200W High-power Fan Speed Control Module 120-Type 100% PWM Stepless Governor