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50Wx2 Bluetooth-Compatible Amplifier Module BLE5.1 2.0 Volume Indicator Dual Channel Stereo 50W+50W BLE/AUX/U-disk/USB sound card

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  It is a Audio amplifier board.It uses domestic chips and supports the connection of two 50W speakers,which is cost-effective.
  1).It has a multi-function knob,which can be adjusted 360 degrees steplessly,with volume level indication.
  2).It supports over temperature,over current,short circuit,anti-static protection.
  3).The heat sink that comes with the module is close to the shell to assist heat dissipation,and the bottom ventilation is not sealed.
  4).The module comes with a sleeping song,with 10 kinds of natural sounds.
  5).It can be used with Wuzhi Audio APP and has multiple functions.
  6).It supports four input audio modes:Bluetooth,AUX,U disk and USB sound card.
  1).Product Name:Audio Amplifier Board
  2).Bluetooth version:5.1
  3).Audio Input:Bluetooth,AUX,U disk,USB sound card
  4).Audio Output:50W (left channel) + 50W (right channel)
  5).Input Voltage:DC 9V-24V
  6).Input Current:3A (Min)
  7).Adapter Speaker:10-50W,4-8ohm
  8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Knob Operation Introduction:
  2).Double click:mode switch (Bluetooth,U disk,AUX)
  3).Long press:long press for 1 second to power on/off
  4).Rotate:adjust the volume
5.10 Natural Sounds:
  1).Sound bowl
  3).Water waves
  6).Bird calls
  7).Bugs call
  8).Frog croaking
6.APP Function:
  1).Modify the bluetooth name:change the bluetooth name of each product,multiple products can be easily identified
  2).Modify the Bluetooth password:Modify the Bluetooth password to prevent others from hijacking
  3).Adjust the size of the prompt tone:You can adjust the size of the prompt tone to meet the different needs of customers
  4).On/Off Prompt Tone:Prompt tone can be turned on or off
  5).U disk playlist function:open the U disk playlist,choose songs at will,support shake to cut songs
7.Bluetooth Name Modification Steps:
  1).Enter the new bluetooth name
  2).Click the setting button
  3).The system restarts automatically
  4).Cancel the pairing of the mobile phone's Bluetooth with the original Bluetooth name
  5).Find the new bluetooth name and re-pair
  6).It has a timer shutdown function.
8.Bluetooth Password Setting Steps:
  1).Method 1:Turn on the Bluetooth password switch and use the default password 1111
  2).Method 2:
    2.1).Turn on the Bluetooth password switch
    2.2).Enter password
    2.3).Click the Settings button
    2.4).The system restarts automatically
    2.5).Cancel the pairing,you will be prompted to enter the password when connecting again
  1).1pcs Audio Amplifier Board
  2).1pcs upper cover
  3).1pcs lower cover
  4).1pcs knob cap
  5).8pcs M2*3 screws
  6).4pcs M2*12 copper column
  7).4pcs M2*3+3 copper column
  8).1pcs screwdriver
  9).1pcs plug


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50Wx2 Bluetooth-Compatible Amplifier Module BLE5.1 2.0 Volume Indicator Dual Channel Stereo 50W+50W BLE/AUX/U-disk/USB sound card