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DC 6V-35V to DC 1V-33V Buck Boost Power Supply Module 5A High Power CC Voltage Converter

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 It is a constant current automatic regulator.It can step up or step down,the input voltage can be higher or lower than the output voltage, while the output voltage remains the same, automatic voltage stabilization function, with constant current function, can set the maximum current, convenient to charge the battery and other applications .

 1.It has two functions:step-up and step-down.
 2.It supports automatic voltage stabilization function and constant current function.
 3.It has a constant current indicator and an output indicator to display the working status.
 4.It uses sendust core inductors with high efficiency and low heat generation,with a boost efficiency of 90% and a voltage reduction efficiency of 88%.

 1.Product Name:Constant Current Automatic Regulator
 2.Input Voltage:DC 6V~35V
 3.Output Voltage:DC 1V~33V
 4.Constant Current Adjustment Range:0.05A~5A
 5.Conversion Efficiency:90%
 6.Maximum Input Current:7A
 7.Maximum Output Current:5A
 8.Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 9.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
 10.Size:71*32*39 mm

4>.Module Instructions:

 1.Connect the power supply,the module works normally and outputs voltage,connect the output terminal with the voltage gear of a multimeter,and turn the voltage adjustment potentiometer to adjust the output voltage to the desired value.

 2.Then adjust the multimeter to the 10A current range,connect the positive pen to the output positive and the negative pen to the negative output.And adjust the constant current setting potentiometer to the maximum output current value you expect.The current value displayed on the multimeter is the constant current value.

 3.After completion,connect the load and work normally.

 1pcs Constant Current Automatic Regulator


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DC 6V-35V to DC 1V-33V Buck Boost Power Supply Module 5A High Power CC Voltage Converter