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AC 12V Dual Channel 6J1 Electronic Tube Pre-Amplifier HIFI Class A Tone Board

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   It is a AC 12V  Dual Channel 6J1 Electronic Tube Pre-Amplifier HIFI Class A Tone Board.

  1>.Wide range of combinations
  2>.Strong practicality
  3>.6J1 Tube Design
  4>.Restore the real sound
  5>. Fever-level experience

  1>.Product Type: Electronic Tube Amplifier
  2>.Model: XH-A201
  3>.Number of channels: two channels
  4>.Output resistance: 4-8ohm
  5>.Power supply: AC12V
  6>.Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
  7>.Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  8>.Size: 81*81*43mm
4.Instructions for use:
  1>.This machine can not input DC power, otherwise it will not work or damage the machine. It is a preamplifier, not a power amplifier, it needs to be connected to a power amplifier;

  2>.The electronic tube buffer is amplified by about 2 times, and it is connected between the sound source and the power amplifier, which can effectively filter the digital taste, making the human voice more real, with timbre and strong gall taste;

  3>. AC 12V input: use DC5.5*2.1 socket, link 12V transformer input, remember: no DC power input, otherwise it will not work;

  4>.Left and right channel input: It is the audio signal input, which can be connected to the mobile computer, MP3, mp4 and other music players;

  5>.Left and right channel output: It is the audio signal output end, which can be connected to the power amplifier, the audio signal input end of the power amplifier board, and provides the post-stage power amplifier with a full-fledged music enjoyment;

  6>.Power switch/volume knob: in the off state, turn the rotation clockwise to hear a "tick" sound, the indicator light is on, indicating that the power has been turned on, and the volume is the smallest at this time, and then continue to rotate clockwise to increase volume.

Turn the knob counterclockwise, At the beginning, the volume is lowered. When the volume is turned to the minimum, if you continue to rotate until a "tick" sound, the power is turned off and the power indicator is off.

  1pcs Electronic tube amplifier.

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