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MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module Blue LED Display Control MCU Module 4 in 1 Display with 5P Line

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  It is a MAX7219 dot matrix module.The AX7219 is an integrated serial input/output common cathode display driver that connects a microprocessor with an 8-digit 7-segment digital LED display,and can also be connected to a bar graph display or 64 individual LEDs.It includes an on-chip B-type BCD encoder,multiple scan loops,segment word drivers,and an 8*8 static RAM for storing each data.There is only one external register used to set the segment current for each LED.

  1).It only needs 3 IO ports to drive 1 dot matrix.
  2).There is no flicker in the dot matrix display of the monitor.
  3).The module has an input and output interface,which supports the cascade of multiple modules.
  4).The entire device contains a 150μA low-power shutdown mode,analog and digital brightness controls,a scan limit register that allows the user to display 1-8 bits of data,and a detection mode that turns all LEDs on.

  1).Product Name:MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module
  2).Working Voltage:5V
  3).Power Consumption:150uA
  4).Display Color:Blue/Green
  5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  8).Fixing Screw Holes:64

4.Wiring Instructions:
  1).The left side of the module is the input port,and the right side is the output port.
  2).When controlling a single module,you only need to connect the input port to the CPU.
  3).When multiple modules are cascaded,the input terminal of the first module is connected to the CPU,the output terminal is connected to the input terminal of the second module,the output terminal of the second module is connected to the input terminal of the third module,and so on...
  4).Take 51 microcontroller as an example:
      VCC → 5V
      GND → GND
      DIN → P2.2
      CS → P2.1
      CLK → P2.0

  1).1pcs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module
  2).1pcs 21cm 5P Connecting Line
  3).1pcs  5-Pin Looper


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MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module Blue LED Display Control MCU Module 4 in 1 Display with 5P Line