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Microwave Radar Sensor Module 9W White LED Lamp Intelligent Control for Aisle Corridor

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  1>.Intelligent induction: When someone or car enters the detection range of this product, the microwave detector works to light the light. When the person leaves the detection range, the light is automatically turned off. It automatically recognizes day and night.
  2>.Intelligent delay: the bulb will automatically light for 15-30 seconds after detecting every activity of the human body or the car.
  3>.Working mode: During the delay time period, if the activity light of someone or the car will be repeatedly lit, it will be extinguished after 15-30 seconds after lighting.
  1>.Work Voltage:DC 20V-32V
  2>.Sensing angle:360degree
  4>.Sensing distance:6meter(Max)
  5>.Operating Temperature:-20℃~85℃
  6>.Operating Humidity:5%~95%RH
  7>.Module Size:66*66*8mm
Use Steps:
  1>.After power-on, enter the normal working state. If the switch is normal during the day, you can cover it with a hand or use a black object to lock the switch, so that the light is dimmed, and the sound can be turned on.
  2>.Delay and sensitivity are determined by the time and luminosity of the delay set at the factory (see technical parameters for details). The switch cannot adjust the delay time and luminosity.
  3>.When installing this switch, please do not install the switch in the position of direct light and hot and cold air inlet and outlet. It should not be installed in the environment with too much noise. Otherwise, the light will be bright due to false alarm signal, and energy saving effect cannot be achieved.
  4>.This switch allows parallel connection, but must pay attention to the power problem, not greater than the load specified by the product. This switch tests the load power of the standard, and the service life of the switch can be extended.
  1>.Please disconnect the power supply during installation to ensure safety.
  2>.Prohibition of application beyond the power range.
  3>.Can not be installed in the location where the water is drenched.
  4>.It is recommended not to install in a noisy environment.
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Microwave Radar Sensor Module 9W White LED Lamp Intelligent Control for Aisle Corridor

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