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DIY Kit NE555 Water Tank Water Liquid Level Automatic Controller Electronic Components Suite

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    This circuit is carefully developed for the actual needs of household water pumping. The product controls the pumping water according to the detection of the water level of the pool (water tower) to control the high current relay.
  The utility model has the advantages of small volume, simple wiring, low power consumption, large switching capacity, strong anti-interference and high functional stability. It can stably realize the water pump (solenoid valve) pumping water automatically when the pool (water tower) is short of water, and automatically stop the water pump (solenoid valve) when the water is full.
Supply voltage: AC or DC 8-12V
    AC or DC power supply is input from J3, VD1-4 is used for full-wave rectification, C2, C3 is filtered to supply power to the control circuit, NE555 and peripheral components form the core control circuit, in which the 2nd and 6th pins are connected together.
 The control terminal, when the water level is very low, that is, the 2 and 3 feet of J2 are disconnected from the 1 pin. Since the pull-down of R4 makes the voltage of the 2nd and 6th pins of NE555 less than 1/3 of the power supply voltage, the output terminal 3 becomes the high level. LED1 lights up, VT1 turns on, relay K1 pulls in, external pump starts, as the water level rises, J2's 2 feet are first turned on with 1 foot, but since R1 is connected to VT1 collector, the pumping process is still low level.
 No effect on the control circuit, the pump continues to work, when the water level rises to the 3 feet of J2, the high level is added to the 2, 6 feet of NE555 through the water body, so that the voltage of 2 and 6 feet is higher than the 2/3 power supply voltage, NE555 output Low level, LED1 is off, VT1 is off, the relay is off, and the pump stops working.
 When the water level drops below the J2 pin 3, the 3 pin loses the high potential, but the VT1 collector connected to the 2 pin is high, so that the voltage of the 2, 6 pin of the NE555 is maintained above 1/3 of the power supply voltage, and the circuit is in standby. State, until the water level is lower than the 2 feet of J2, the water pump is added to the water circulation cycle.
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DIY Kit NE555 Water Tank Water Liquid Level Automatic Controller Electronic Components Suite

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