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Signal Amplifier AD620 Microvolt/Milivolt Amplifer Signal Booster Amplifer 100μV-300mV Input Low Volt Amp Module Signal Transmitter Board

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Product Introduction:
1.Input Voltage:DC 3-12V
2.Amplification Times:1.5-1000 times adjustable,zero point adjustable
3.Signal Input Voltage:100uV-300mV
4.Signal Output Range:+/-(Vin-2V)
5.Negative Voltage Output:more than Vin.Because of the negative voltage chip output internal resistance,the actual output is more than Vin.The higher of the load power is,the larger of the negative voltage will be
6.Offset Voltage:50uV
7.Input Bias Current:1.0nA (max)
8.Common Mode Rejection Ratio:100dB
9.Offset Voltage Drift:0.6uV/celsius
10.Stable Time:2uV/month (max)

1.Wide Input Range:adopt AD620 amplification,and the max voltage output range is +/-10V
2.Amplification Times:adopt potentiometer for amplifying input signals,and the amplification times can be up to 1000 times
3.Adjustable Zero Point:use zero potentiometer to adjust the zero point;if improves the precision,it won't lead to zero point drifting
4.Negative Voltage Output:adopt 7660A negative voltage chip output negative voltage (-Vin)
5.Smalle Size:32*22mm,and the pitch is 2.54mm

Connection Picture:

Using Methods:
+S:signal input port;-S:signal input negative port (can connect with GND);Vout:signal output;V-:output -Vin voltage (can supply power ofr sensors);signal input,signal output,power input should be common ground

1.Zero Connection Picture:
Before using it,please connect and set zero point according to the picture;+S and -S should be short circuit connected;adjust the zero button and let the output Vout be 0V

2.Single Port Input Connection Picture:
This connection picture can be applied to single port output signal,sensor,and silicon photocells etc


3.Differential Input Connection Picture:
This connection picture can be applied to differential output voltage sensors,bridge sensors etc



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