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DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module 5V USB Charging Board

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 It is a DC-DC step-down power supply module.It has an ultra-wide input voltage and can be used for automobiles/battery cars/motorcycles. It is used to monitor the battery voltage and grasp the battery status in time.It can be used for various voltage measurement purposes.
 1).The on-board voltmeter can be calibrated by itself, and there is no problem of inaccurate voltmeter.
 2).It has reverse connection protection,and it will not burn out when reverse connection.
 3).It has over-current and over-temperature protection.
 4).It has a USB power indicator.
 5).It has wiring terminals for easy access to the line.
 6).It has the characteristics of high efficiency and low ripple.
 7).It has a 5.0V,2A output current capability,which is enough to meet various USB devices,and the voltage is very stable.
 1).Product Name:DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module
 2).Input Voltage:DC 4.5V-40V
 3).Output Voltage:DC 5V
 4).Output Current:2A
 5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Instructions for Use:
 1).After the module is powered on,the voltage can be detected in real time. When you need to charge mobile phones and other digital products, just touch the "output enable" button. At this time, the USB power indicator lights up and the USB outputs 5.0V.
 2).When you need to turn off the digital tube,tap the "low power consumption" button, and the module enters the ultra-low power standby mode, and the USB output is also disconnected accordingly.
5.Self-calibration method of two-wire battery voltmeter:
 1).When the on-board voltmeter is working normally, press and hold the "output enable" button for 2 seconds and then release it. The voltmeter flashes and enters the voltage adjustment mode.
 2).Tap the "Output Enable" button to increase the voltage by one unit, and tap the "Low Power Consumption" button to decrease the voltage by one unit.Since the voltage value of a unit is less than 0.1V,you need to press 1-5 times to see that the voltmeter has changed by 0.1V. The specific number of consecutive presses depends on the voltage value currently displayed.The higher the voltage currently displayed,press The fewer the number of moves.
 3).After the voltage adjustment is completed,press and hold the "Output Enable" button for 2 seconds and then release it. At this time,you can exit the voltage calibration mode,and all parameter settings will be automatically saved after power-off.
 4).With this adjustment method, you only need to calibrate it once to get an accurate voltage value on the entire voltage range. This function is designed to meet your higher accuracy requirements, please rest assured to use it.
 1pcs DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module
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DC-DC Step-Down Power Supply Module 5V USB Charging Board

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