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24W DC USP Voltage Converter 9V 12V Adjustable Power Supply Module for 2S 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery

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  It is a USP voltage converter.It supports input reverse connection protection,supports no battery operation,automatically stops charging when fully charged,battery discharge protection,automatically adjusts the charging current,and has a microsecond switching speed.
  1).It can be welded on both ends.
  2).It can be connected with a two-color LED indicator.
  3).It supports input reverse polarity protection and output short circuit protection.
  4).It supports plugging and unplugging.
  5).Its charging current is adjustable and its working voltage is adjustable.
  6).It has lithium battery protection function.
  7).It uses a switching UPS module,which has the advantages of high efficiency,low self-loss,self-stop when fully charged,and long battery life.
  1).Product Name:USP Voltage Converter
  2).Input Voltage:DC 9V/12V
  3).Output Voltage:DC 9V-12V
  4).Output Power:24W
  5).Applicable Battery:7.4V-8.4V lithium battery
  6).No-load Power Consumption:0.3mA-0.4mA
  7).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Use Power Reference:
  1).Input power type:household switching power supply,monitoring switching power supply,industrial switching power supply,rail switching power supply (can be used directly)
  2).Type of input power supply:wind power generation system,solar power generation panel,AC/DC generator,power frequency isolated power supply (can not be used directly,it can be used after rectification,filtering and voltage stabilization)
  3).Use battery:only support 3.7V lithium battery:cylindrical lithium battery,polymer battery,single square lithium battery (note the distinction between parallel and series)
  4).Common load equipment:light-emitting heating load,common network equipment,common monitoring equipment,intelligent interactive equipment (brush motor/solenoid valve/oxygen pump/electric tool/hard disk and other loads when the motherboard is vulnerable,need parallel capacitors to solve)
  1).Battery charger
  2).Network equipment such as switches
   1pcs USP Voltage Converter
  1).The soldering order of the connecting wires is arbitrary,but the battery wire must be soldered to the end of the mainboard first,and then to the end of the battery to prevent the soldering from sticking to the mainboard and causing the mainboard to short-circuit or burn out components.
  2).About battery capacity:slow charge supports 5Ah-8Ah (four 4000mAh batteries,which is exactly 8Ah according to the connection method of two parallel and two series).
  3).When using this product,do not use a leaking soldering iron for soldering.The battery can be either cylindrical or square,but a new battery must be used,and battery parameters need to be paired,otherwise it will easily lead to battery damage.To hang the balance board,the battery connection line needs to be 20AWG,and it needs to withstand 5-6A current,and the continuous working current is about 3A.
  4).When using this product,it is necessary to distinguish the battery voltage,type,and the difference between the series and parallel connection of the battery,and to calculate the power (do not use a virtual power mark for the external power supply,and the power supply power should be greater than the load current + charging current).
  5).About power:
    Since the battery cannot be kept fully charged,users can only use it at the valley power,that is to say,no matter how much is written on the label of your load device,the actual power cannot exceed 18W,otherwise there is a risk of overheating and restarting ,A s for the 24W power,it can only be used for a few minutes or tens of minutes when the battery is fully charged,but this power cannot be used for a long time,unless you hang an additional temperature-controlled fan to cool the motherboard,and if the heat dissipation is good,you can continuously load 24W power for a long time.
  6).About fever:
    6.1).Load 18W,when the battery is fully charged,the heat is 60-70 degrees.
    6.2).When the battery is half left,the heat is 70-80 degrees.
    6.3).The heat is 80-90 degrees when the battery is about to run out.
    6.4).Load 24W,when the battery is fully charged,the heat is 80-90 degrees.
    6.5).When the battery power is lower than 50%,the load of 24W will cause the chip to exceed 100 degrees,and then trigger the overheat protection,and the chip will restart repeatedly.Therefore,please do not overload.
  7).About the method of judging whether it is overloaded:connect the load after power on,touch the high temperature area on the back of the motherboard with your finger after working for half a minute,if it can withstand it,it means that it is not overloaded and can be used.
  8).About the standby current:the standby current of the IN interface is 1.5-2.5mA (no-load or the current after the battery is fully charged),the standby current of the BAT battery interface is 0.3-0.4mA,and it does not exceed 0.5mA at room temperature.
  9).Regarding the input voltage:in 9V mode,the input range is 8.8-9.5V,and the withstand voltage is 15V.If the 12V mode is set,the input range is 11.5-12.5V,and the withstand voltage is 15V.If it is lower than the lower limit,it will be powered by battery.
  10).Regarding the charging problem:
    10.1).The main board adopts three-stage charging mode.When the single battery is higher than 4.15V and the charging current is lower than 10% of the set value,it is judged to be fully charged,and the light is turned on and the charging is ended.
    10.2).If the battery leaks or the battery capacity exceeds the standard,it may not be able to end the charging.
    10.3).If there is such an abnormality,please replace the battery.In addition,the battery interface has a no-load consumption of 0.3-0.4mA,so the voltage will drop slowly after the battery is fully charged,and it will also drop when there is electricity.This is a normal phenomenon,until a single cell When the battery voltage is lower than 3.9V-4.0V,it will automatically wake up the charging function to charge the battery.The cycle interval time varies with the battery capacity.
    10.4).Some polymer batteries will have the phenomenon that the light does not change after charging,and cannot end the charging,especially the cheap high-capacity polymers are more prone to such problems.If you mind,please change the battery.
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24W DC USP Voltage Converter 9V 12V Adjustable Power Supply Module for 2S 3.7V 18650 Lithium Battery

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