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3PCS 12V 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board 25A Overcurrent,Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection with Equalization Board

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 It is a lithium battery protection board.It is to protect the charged and discharged battery and prevent the battery from damaging the battery due to overcharging or over-discharging.

 1).It supports over-current protection,over-charge protection,and over-discharge protection.
 2).It supports short circuit protection,and the delay can be automatically restored.
 3).It has a balance function,which makes the voltage of each battery more balanced.
 4).It adopts reasonable wiring circuit and has a long service life.
 5).You can add a temperature switch to expand the temperature protection function.

 1).Product Name:Lithium Battery Protection Board
 2).Overcharge Voltage Range:4.25V-4.35V
 3).Over-Discharge Voltage Range:2.3V-3.0V
 4).Maximum Operating Current:20A-25A
 5).Upper Limit Instantaneous Current:35A-40A
 6).Quiescent Current:30uA(Max)
 7).Effective Life:30000 Hours(Min)
 8).Internal Resistance:100mohm(Max)
 9).Balance Current:45mA
 10).Charging Voltage:12.6V-13V
 11).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 12).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Balance Description:
 1).In order to make the balance effect better,please use a 13V switching source for charging (the self-stop current is less than 30mA).

 2).The equalization current of the equalization IC is about 45mA,and most of the 12.6V lithium battery chargers on the market will stop automatically when the charging current is lower than 100mA.If there is no equalization,no charge will come in,causing the voltage of each battery to be unbalanced.

 3).Regarding the voltage drop between the battery voltage and the output terminal voltage,the working principle of this type of protection board is negative protection.Some of them will have a voltage drop of 0.1V-0.3V when they are combined,and the voltage will be reduced after charging and discharging several times.Voltage drop,this is normal.

 4).The charger should not use 12V power supply as much as possible.The full charge of 3 strings of lithium batteries is 12.6V.12V power supply will cause insufficient charging,and the protection board will not protect it.It will always be charged.Long-term use will affect the battery.Life span has an impact.

 1.Massager Battery Pack,
 2.Standby Power Supply for LED Lights
 3.12V Electronic Products
 4.Solar Street Lamp Battery Pack
 5.Monitor Backup Power Supply

6.Battery rate:
 1.For products with a current of more than 3A,the battery discharge rate should be more than 3C.

 2.The magnification calculation formula:
  For a battery with a 1C rate,the capacity of 2000 is equal to 2AH*1=2A working current.
  3C rate battery,2000 capacity is equal to 2AH*3=6A working current.

 3.In use,the battery will heat up,which means that the battery rate is not applicable.In this case,the battery cannot be used for a long time,and the battery will be damaged quickly.

 1.Don't short-circuit intentionally.
 2.After the line is connected,it needs to be charged before output.
 3.When connecting 3 sets of batteries in series,please ensure that the voltage of each set of batteries is the same.If they are not the same,please charge each set of batteries separately and then use them in series.
 4.During the discharge test,the battery with the fastest voltage drop is the poor battery.Do not mix good batteries and bad batteries together.The closer the capacity/internal resistance of the 3 groups of batteries,the better,otherwise it will affect the use effect.

 3pcs Lithium Battery Protection Board



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3PCS 12V 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Board 25A Overcurrent,Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection with Equalization Board