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DIY Kit Red Yellow Blue Flash LED Sound Control Christmas Tree LED Kit Audio Flashing Light Soldering Training Kit

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CRT-32 Audio LED Christmas Tree DIY Kit

CRT-32 is a Audio Christmas tree kit consists of circuit board and allows 37pcs LED flash with input audio from 3.5mm socket or microphone and showing a Christmas tree in Red/Yellow/Blue (the night environment has better viewing).

CRT-32 changes the number of lights with the strength of the input audio.It can simulate the spectrum display and the display effect changes with the music.CRT-32 can be used for Christmas, event celebrations and parties, etc. It can be used to create a festive atmosphere.

1>.37pcs highlight LED
2>.Perfect simple circuit
3>.Sound Control audio display
4>.Support microphone and audio socket input
5>.Adjustable sensitivity
6>.Two display modes

1>.Product Name:CRT-32 Audio LED Christmas Tree DIY Kit
2>.Product Number:CRT-32
3>.Work Voltage:DC 4.0V~5.0V
4>.Work Current:60mA
5>.Power Type:Battery Box and 3.5mm Power Socket
6>.Work Module:Switch Control
7>.Color:Red/Yellow/Blue LED
8>.Audio input:3.5mm audio socket and microphone
9>.Work Temperature:-40℃~85℃
10>.Work Humidity:5%~85%RH

1>.Complete the correct installation according to the installation steps.
2>.Input right work voltage from battery box or 3.5mm power socket.

3>.Press SW1 self-locking switch to turn ON or OFF work power:
3.1>.CRT-32 is in working state when the key is locked.
3.2>.CRT-32 is out working state when the key is released.

4>.It support microphone MIC and 3.5mm audio socket input audio.
4.1>.CRT-32 receives the audio from the microphone when the audio cable is not connected.
4.2>.CRT-32 receives the audio from the 3.5mm audio socket when the audio cable is connected.
4.3>.3.5mm audio socket has higher priority than microphone MIC.

5>.Set and change display mode by toggle Switch SW2.
5.1>.LED dot display mode:The LED at the highest point of the audio is turn ON but the other LED are OFF.
5.2>.LED Line display mode:All LED that meet the audio intensity are lit.
5.3>.The reference display effect is more obvious about two display mode.

6>.Rotate VR1 Potentiometer to adjust audio sensitivity.

5.Installation Tips:
1>.User needs to prepare the welding tool at first.
2>.Please be patient until the installation is complete.
3>.The package is DIY kit.It need finish install by user.
4>.The soldering iron can't touch the components for a long time(1.0 second), otherwise it will damage the components.
5>.Pay attention to the positive and negative of the components.
6>.Strictly prohibit short circuit.
7>.User must install the LED according to the specified rules.Otherwise some LED will not light.
8>.Install complex components preferentially.
9>.Make sure all components are in right direction and right place.
10>.Check that all of the LED can be illuminated.
11>.It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!
12>.Please wear anti-static gloves or anti-static wristbands when installing electronic components.

6. Circuit and Component List:

7.Installation Steps(Please be patient):
Step 1: Install 1pcs 5.1Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R1.
Step 2: Install 1pcs 12Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R2.
Step 3: Identification LED.The Longer pin is positive pole.
Step 4: The longer pin is inserted into the rectangular pad.The shorter pins are inserted into the oval pads.
Step 5: Reserve the LED pins about 3mm and then bend LED pins.Then use soldering iron and solder wire to fix the LED.

Step 6: Install 6pcs 3mm Red LED at LED1, LED2, LED41, LED42, LED71, LED72 at PCB1.Bend the LED at the same time.
Step 7: Install 6pcs 3mm Yellow LED at LED21, LED22, LED51, LED52, LED81, LED82 at PCB1.Bend the LED at the same time.
Step 8: Install 6pcs 3mm Blue LED at LED31, LED32, LED61, LED62, LE91, LED92 at PCB1.Bend the LED at the same time.
Step 9: Install 1pcs DIP-18 LM3915 at IC1 at PCB1.There is a dot on one end of the IC and there is a mark on PCB where the IC can place on.These two marks are corresponding to each other and are used to specify the installation direction of the IC.
Step 10: Install 1pcs 47uF Electrolytic Capacitor at C6.Pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.The Longer pin is positive pole.The longer pin is inserted into the rectangular pad.

Step 11: Install 1pcs SS12D07 Toggle Switch at SW2.So far, PCB1 is installed.
Step 12: Install 7pcs 3mm Red LED at LED0, LED3, LED4, LED43, LED44, LED73, LED74 at PCB2. Bend the LED at the same time.
Step 13: Install 6pcs 3mm Yellow LED at LED23, LED24, LED53, LED54, LED83, LED84 at PCB2.Bend the LED at the same time.
Step 14: Install 6pcs 3mm Blue LED at LED33, LED34, LED63, LED64, LE93, LED94 at PCB2.Bend the LED at the same time.So far, PCB2 is installed.
Step 15: Install 1pcs DO-35 1N4148 Diode at D1 at PCB2.The black mark is negative pole.

Step 16: Install 2pcs 1Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R4,R5.
Step 17: Install 3pcs 10Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R3,R7,R9.
Step 18: Install 2pcs 100Kohm Metal Film Resistor at R8,R10.
Step 19: Install 1pcs 1Mohm Metal Film Resistor at R6.
Step 20: Install 4pcs 0.1uF 104 Ceramic Capacitor at C1,C2,C7,C8.

Step 21: Install 2pcs TO-92 S8050 Transistor at Q1,Q2.
Step 22: Install 1pcs DC3.5*1.3mm Power Supply Socket at CN1.
Step 23: Fix the power socket with the extra pins of the resistor.
Step 24: Install 1pcs 9*7mm Microphone at MIC1.The marked pin is negative pole.
Step 25: Install 2pcs 5Pin 3.5mm Audio Socket at JK1,JK2.

Step 26: Install 1pcs 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor at C4.Pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.The Longer pin is positive pole.The longer pin is inserted into the rectangular pad.
Step 27: Install 2pcs 1uF Electrolytic Capacitor at C3,C5.Pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative.The Longer pin is positive pole.The longer pin is inserted into the rectangular pad.
Step 28: Install 1pcs 5.8*5.8mm Self-locking Switch at SW1.There is a concave on switch and there is a white mark on PCB where the switch can place on.These two marks are corresponding to each other and are used to specify the installation direction of the switch.
Step 29: Install 1pcs 50Kohm Potentiometer at VR1.
Step 30: So far, all 3pcs PCB have been installed and then they need to be assembled together.

Step 31: Assemble PCB1 and PCB2. At the same time, fix only a pair of pads for adjusting the position.The direction of assembly must be in accordance with the arrow on PCB.
Step 32: Adjust height and position cooperate with PCB3 and make sure they fit properly.
Step 33: Fix PCB1 and PCB2 through 11 pairs of pads.
Step 34: Fix PCB1 and PCB2 on PCB through 8 pairs of pads.The direction of assembly must be in accordance with the arrow on PCB.
Step 35: Keep the wire of the battery box about 15cm.

Step 36: Install 1pcs AA*3 Battery Box at BAT4.5V. Red wire connect to ‘+’ and black wire connect to ‘-’.
Step 37: Fix the battery box on PCB3 and fix by 2pcs M2*5mm Screw and 2pcs M2 Nut.
Step 38: Connect to power supply and enjoy the effect.





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DIY Kit Red Yellow Blue Flash LED Sound Control Christmas Tree LED Kit Audio Flashing Light Soldering Training Kit