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DIY Kit 3D Christmas Tree Kit with 3 Colors Red/Green/Yellow Flashing LED for Electronics Soldering Practice Xmas Fun Gift DC 5V

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1. Introduction
CTR-30 flash Christmas tree kit consists of three circuit board, allows 36 LED flash alternately,showing a Christmas tree in the space of three-dimensional profile (the night environment has better viewing).
2. Parameter
NO. Parameter Value
1 Model CTR-30C
2 Work Voltage DC4.5-5V
3 Power Type AA*3 battery or USB Cable
4 Installation Size 60mm*136mm*60mm
This circuit is simple and practical, low power consumption. It used integrated circuits for driving: fewer parts, and the line is simple easy to understand.
External Wiring Kit:
With pluggable plug for easy replacement of parts at any time and conducive circuit debugging. Also allows us to deepen our understanding of the principles of the circuit in the debugging process.
This line is in the form of the oscillation circuit by the cycle generated by the following principles:
- After the first charge, the capacitor C1 & C4 charging is complete.
- Capacitors C2 & C3 will continue to charge.
- When the transistor Q1 & Q4 is turned on at the same time, it discharges the capacitor C1 & C4.
- Capacitors C2 & C3 is fully charged, the transistor Q1 & Q4 will be closure, while also charging the capacitor C1 & C4 again.
- Transistors Q2 & Q3 is turned on while the capacitor C2 & C3 will be discharged.
- By analogy, the flash of speed is the oscillation frequency, and the frequency is determined by the resistor R & capacitance C values.
3. Connection Diagram:
4. Component Listing
NO. Component Name PCB Marker Parameter QTY
1 Metal Film Resistor R6 330ohm 1
2 Metal Film Resistor R4 1K 1
3 Metal Film Resistor R2 2K 1
4 Metal Film Resistor R1,R3,R5,R7 10K 4
5 Electrolytic Capacitor C1-C3 47uF 16V 3
6 Red LED D1-D6,D19 3mm 7
7 Yellow LED D7-D12 3mm 6
8 Green LED D13-D18 3mm 6
9 S9014 Transistor Q1-Q3 TO-92 3
10 PCB CTR-30A   1
11 Metal Film Resistor R6 1K 1
12 Metal Film Resistor R4 2K 1
13 Metal Film Resistor R2 330ohm 1
14 Metal Film Resistor R1,R3,R5 10K 3
15 Electrolytic Capacitor C1-C3 47uF 16V 3
16 Green D1-D6 3mm 6
17 Yellow D7-D12 3mm 6
18 Red D13-D18 3mm 6
19 S9014 Transistor Q1-Q3 TO-92 3
20 PCB CTR-30B   1
21 Self-Locking Switch S1 5.8mm 1
22 DC Power Socket J1 3.5mm 1
23 Battery Box   AA*3 1
24 USB to DC 3.5mm Cable   80cm 1
25 Screw   M2*8mm 2
26 Nut   M2 2
27 PCB CTR-30C   1
NOTE: Users can complete the installation by PCB silk screen and component listing; 
            Battery is not included in this package. 
5. Component Description

1>. 1pcs 330ohm Metal Film Resistor

2>. 1pcs 1K Metal Film Resistor

3>. 1pcs 2K Metal Film Resistor

4>. 4pcs 10K Metal Film Resistor

5>. 3pcs 47uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor

6>. 7pcs 3mm Red LED

7>. 6pcs 3mm Yellow LED

8>. 6pcs 3mm Green LED

9>. 3pcs S9014 Transistor

10>. 1pcs PCB CTR-30A

11>. 1pcs 330ohm Metal Film Resistor

12>. 1pcs 1K Metal Film Resistor

13>. 1pcs 2K Metal Film Resistor

14>. 3pcs 10K Metal Film Resistor

15>. 3pcs 47uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor

16>. 6pcs 3mm Green LED

17>. 6pcs 3mm Yellow LED

18>. 6pcs 3mm Red LED

19>. 3pcs S9014 Transistor

20>. 1pcs PCB CTR-30B

21>. 1pcs Self-Locking Switch

22>. 1pcs 3.5mm DC Power Socket

23>. 1pcs AA*3 Battery Box

24>. 1pcs USB to DC 3.5mm Cable

25>. 2pcs Screw M2*8mm

26>. 2pcs Nut M2

27>. 1pcs PCB CTR-30C

6. Download the Installation Steps Here!

Completed Project Below:
I. Tested by ICStation:

II. Tested by ICStation's Outstanding Partner DrakerDG:

Learn More Details in the Video:
(The language in the video is English)

III. Tested by ICStation's Outstanding Partner Berred:


Pics & Videos

Reviewed by ICStation's Customer djquaky:


Rating: [4] 4 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2020-12-13 08:10:39
To follow up on my previous comment, R2 and R6 on. CTR-30B should be swapped. R6 should be a 2K ohm resistor and R2 should be the 330 ohm resistor.
Rating: [4] 4 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2020-12-13 07:44:46
This is a fun little holiday project for someone with average soldering skills. It will take a little longer than you expect, but the result is good. One issue I'm having is that the green LEDs on CTR-30B are very faint compared to CTR-30A. I cannot figure out why this is, but when I check the video associated with this product, it looks like the same green LEDs are faint in the video as well. For that reason, I believe there might be an issue with the circuit. Perhaps the resistor values are incorrect. That said, the project still came out well.

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DIY Kit 3D Christmas Tree Kit with 3 Colors Red/Green/Yellow Flashing LED for Electronics Soldering Practice Xmas Fun Gift DC 5V