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AC to DC Converter, AC 85V-265V to DC +/-15V Step Down Buck Converter Module, 17W Positive Negative Dual Channel Switching Power Supply Module

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1>. The product is easy to install and can be used in the hole welding line.
2>. There are fixed mounting holes in the corners to prevent the movement/vibration of the product without power, and the fixed hole is 3.2mm.
3>. Universal input voltage: 85-264V AC or 110-370V DC.
4>. High efficiency, low output ripple noise, double isolation output, high output voltage of main road (VO1).
5>. Input and output high isolation.
6>. With over-current protection, short circuit protection and temperature protection.
7>. The output is built in double - channel LC -π type filtering without external circuit.

Input Characteristic:

No. Input Value
1 AC input(VAC) 85-264
2 DC input(VDC) 110-370
3 Frequency range(Hz) 47-63
4 Input current(A) 1/115VAC 0.5/230VAC
5 Surge current(A) Cold start:20A/230VAC
6 Workpiece ratio(TYP.) 69
7 Stand-by consumption(mA) ≤1W/230VAC

Output Characteristic:

Input voltage(VDC) ± 15V
Input voltage precision Main circuit: ±1%, Side circuit: ±10%
Rated current(ADC) 0.55A
Rated power (W) 17W
Ripple and noise(mvp-p> Rated input voltage, 20MHz band width V01(V+)Mian circuit: 50mV
V02(V-) Side circiut: 100mV
Line Regulation Full load ±1%
Load Regulation 10-100% load ±3%
Start/up time Full load 2000ms, 30ms/l 15VAC
1000ms, 30ms/230VAC
Maintain (ms) Full load 16ms/l 15 VAC
Overload protection Rated input voltage 115%^150% of rated output power
Protection mode: hiccup mode, the abnormal condition of abnormal load can be automatically returned.
Short-circuit protection Rated input voltage Long - term short circuit, self - recovery
Over-current protection >1.1 time Io
Start delay time(ms) Vin:230 VAC 500ms
Power-off protection time(ms) 20ms

General Characteristic:

Working temperature(℃) / -30 to 70
Working humidity(RH) / 20 to 90%, non-condensing
Temperature drift coefficient / ±0.02%/℃
Storage temperature and humidity -40 to 85 Celsius 10-95%RH
Switching frequency(KHz) 60
Insulation voltage(VAC) Input to output
Test 60s, ≤5 mA
Insulation  resistance (M Ohm) Input to output500VDC 100
leakage current(mA) 500VDC Input to output  ≤ImA/RMS Value
MTBF @25 Celsius 215000h
Safety class / Suitable for: CLASS B
Beam vibration / 10—500Hz 2G 10Minutes/cycle. X, Y, Z 60minutesrespectively
electromagnetic compatibility / Suitable for:EN55022(C1SPR22)Class B EN61000-3-2,-3
Remark 1. Except for special instructions, the parameters of this specification are measured at 230VAC, rated load and 25c ambient temperature.
2. Ripple and noise measurement method: use a 12 "twisted pair, and the terminal shall be connected in parallel with the capacitance of 0.1uf and 10uF, and shall be measured at 20MHz bandwidth.
3. Accuracy: including the rounding error, linear adjustment rate and load adjustment rate.
4. The power supply shall be regarded as part of the internal components of the system, which shall be confirmed by electromagnetic compatibility with the terminal equipment.
5. The output should be reduced under low input voltage.

Wiring Instruction:
1>. Typical circuit:


Output voltage C1/C3 C2/C4 TVS
5V C1: 47uF/25V
C3: 100uF/35V
12V SMBJ20.0A

C1: connection/coupling filter electrolytic capacitors.High frequency low resistance capacitance is recommended. The noise from the connector can be removed when the capacitance pressure drop is greater than 75%.
C2: ceramic capacitors to remove high frequency noise.
TVS: protection of the back - level circuit when the power supply is abnormal. Recommended.
C1, C2, C3, C4: the product with no requirement for power output ripple is not used.

2>. Emergency solution--Recommended circuit:


Component No./ Recommended component Function Recommended value
CX1 capacitance Restrain the interference of common mode, improve the anti-jamming ability and reliability of the system. 0.22uF/275VAC
R1/R2: leakage resistance. 1M ohm 1/2W
NF: common mode inductance. 10 mH-30 mH

Pin Definition:


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AC to DC Converter, AC 85V-265V to DC +/-15V Step Down Buck Converter Module, 17W Positive Negative Dual Channel Switching Power Supply Module