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USB to TTL Converter USB to UART Module 5V/3.3V/1.8V FT232RL Code Programmer Downloader

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  It is a USB to TTL serial port module.The excellent performance of FT232RL is very suitable for high-demand industrial occasions.It realizes USB to UART serial port.This module can switch at 5V/3.3V/1.8V level,and provides up to 500mA VCC power output.

  1).It uses FT232RL main control chip, which is fast and stable.
  2).The serial port module supports Windows/Mac/Linux 32/64 bit operating system.
  3).The maximum speed of the FT232R serial port module can reach 3Mbps (3 times of 921600),and it supports standard baud rates such as 2400/9600/115200/921600.
  4).The power supply VCC and signal level can be switched at 5V/3.3V/1.8V,and support different levels of signal and power supply.
  5).The serial port module has an independent LDO,and the maximum output current can reach 500mA.
  6).The USB to TTL serial port module has three LED indicators for integrated power supply,sending and receiving.
  7).The serial port module integrates a 500mA fuse,which is automatically disconnected when overcurrent/short circuit occurs,effectively protecting the USB safety.
  8).The USB to TTL module leads out all available IOs,and the CTS/RTS/DTR/DSR/RI/DCD pins (levels can be switched) are convenient for hardware flow control.
  9).The USB to TTL module integrates a protection diode,and the occasional abnormal voltage on the signal line will not damage the module.
  10).The volume is only 20*50mm,which only occupies the width of one USB interface,and does not affect the insertion of other devices.

  1).Product Name:USB to TTL Serial Port Module
  2).Input Interface:USB interface
  3).Output Interface:TTL
  4).Input Signal:1.8V/3.3V/5V
  5).Baud Rate:2400/9600/115200/921600
  6).Maximum Speed:3Mbps
  7).Output Current:500mA (Max)
  8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Pin Function:
  1).Level selection pin:used to select the signal and power supply VCC pin level,it must be connected to one of 5V or 3.3V/1.8V.
  2).TX:Serial data transmission pin (referring to the data output of the module itself,corresponding to the RX of the external device.Data reception.)
  3).RX:serial data receiving pin (referring to the data input of the module itself,corresponding to the TX of the external device.Data transmission.)
  4).GND:power ground (GND must be connected,and must not be connected incorrectly,otherwise it may damage the device or serial port module)
  5).VCC:power output (voltage is determined by the level selection jumper cap,the maximum load should not exceed 500mA,it is recommended to be below 300mA)
  6).Flow control pins:including RTS#/CTS#/DTR#/RI#/DSR#/DCD#,used to support hardware flow control,generally not used.
  7).5V:5V power output (from USB,the maximum load should not exceed 500mA,it is recommended to be below 300mA).
  8).3.3V:3.3V power output (from LDO,the maximum load should not exceed 500mA,it is recommended to be below 300mA)

  1).This module can support the simultaneous switching of signal pins and power pins to 5V/3.3V (using VCC for external power supply,the signal pin and VCC level are the same),and can also support signal and power using different levels (using 5V /3.3V/1.8V pin for external power supply).
  2).During the factory test,the default level is 3.3V.TX/RX are directly connected and can be removed when using.
  3).This is a 5V/3.3V/1.8V TTL level serial port,please do not connect RS-232 level devices (+-5V to +-15V).
  4).The load of this module should not exceed 500mA,otherwise the module or computer USB will be damaged by overloading (only three lines of GND/TX/RX are required for communication).
  5).Confirm the level selection pin connection (5V/3.3V/1.8V,must and only connect one).
  6).The VCC pin is not necessary for communication and can not be connected.
  7).VCC can supply power to external devices,and the load cannot exceed 500MA.
  8).The TX-D pin is a TX with reverse diode isolation,and is used for programming STC stand-alone.
  9).This is a TTL level serial port (5V/3.3V/1.8V) and cannot be connected to RS-232 level devices(+/-15V).

6.Test Method:
  Take the STC-ISP test under Windows as an example:
  1).The module is plugged into the computer,and the blue power indicator lights up.
  2).After installing the driver,check the serial number from the device manager.
  3).The computer opens the serial port assistant and selects the corresponding serial port number.
  4).Input any content in the sending area and select text mode.
  5).Use the jumper cap to connect TX and RX directly,that is,the data sent out is returned directly,and it is self-sending and self-receiving.
  6).If you see the returned content in the receiving area (select text mode),it means that the serial port module is working normally.

   1pcs USB to TTL Serial Port Module

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USB to TTL Converter USB to UART Module 5V/3.3V/1.8V FT232RL Code Programmer Downloader