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25 Kinds of Tact Switch 125PCS Small Key Switch Button for DIY Module

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 It is a tact switch package.The key switch is an electronic switch,which belongs to the category of electronic components.
 When in use,the switch function is closed and turned on by pressing the switch socket to meet the operating force conditions.
 The internal structure is turned on and off by the force change of the metal shrapnel.

 1).It is made of good material and can be used with confidence.
 2).It comes with high-quality transparent box packaging,waterproof and dustproof.
 3).It is highly sensitive,and it will respond with a light press.
 4).It has enough power and good quality.
 5).It is widely used and can be used for DIY modules.

 1).Product Name:Tact Switch Package
 2).Product Category:25 kinds
 3).Product Quantity:125pcs
 4).Rated Voltage:12V
 5).Rated Current:0.5A
 6).Contact Resistance:100mohm
 7).Insulation Resistance:0.03ohm
 8).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
 9).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

 1).5pcs 2*4 Touch switch
 2).5pcs 4*4*0.8 Touch switch
 3).5pcs 6*6*5 Touch switch
 4).5pcs 3*4*2.0 Touch switch
 5).5pcs 4*4*1.5 Touch switch
 6).5pcs 6*6*5 Middle two feet Touch switch
 7).5pcs 3*4*2 Touch switch
 8).5pcs 4.5*4.5*1.5 Touch switch
 9).5pcs 6*6*5 Patch Touch switch
 10).5pcs 3*6*2.5 Flat Touch switch
 11).5pcs 4.5*4.5*3.8 Touch switch
 12).5pcs 6*6*5 Side two feet Touch switch
 13).5pcs 3*6*2.5 Touch switch
 14).5pcs 4.5*4.5*5 Touch switch
 15).5pcs 6*6*12 Touch switch
 16).5pcs 3*6*3.5 Touch switch
 17).5pcs 6*6*3.1 Touch switch
 18).5pcs 12*12*5 Patch Touch switch
 19).5pcs 3*6*4.3 Touch switch
 20).5pcs 6*6*4.3 Touch switch
 21).5pcs 12*12*5 Touch switch
 22).5pcs 3*6*5 Patch Touch switch
 23).5pcs 6*6*5 Touch switch
 24).5pcs 12*12*7.3 Touch switch
 25).5pcs 3*6*5 Touch switch


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25 Kinds of Tact Switch 125PCS Small Key Switch Button for DIY Module