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DC 5.6V-14V to DC 4.8V-5.6V Step-Down Module USB Power Bank 3 USB Port Charging Module

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  It is a USB charging module.The module has 2 USB protocol charging ports and 1 non-protocol charging USB port.The maximum output current is 4A.
 The USB protocol charging interface can automatically identify the type of charging device and shake hands with the device through the corresponding USB charging protocol to obtain the maximum charging current,saving charging time while protecting the charging device.
  1).Its output voltage can be adjusted.
  2).It comes with a charging protocol.
  3).It has a short-circuit protection function.
  4).It supports charging most mobile phones on the market.
  5).It has input overcurrent protection function and output overcurrent protection function.
  1).Product Name:USB Charging Module
  2).Input Voltage:DC 5.6V-14V
  3).Output Voltage:DC 4.8V-5.6V(adjustable)
  4).Output Current:4A
  5).Output Overcurrent Protection:If the output current is greater than 4A,the output will be stopped immediately
  6).Input Overcurrent Protection:input current is greater than 2A,immediately stop output
  7).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Instructions for Use:
  1).There are three USB ports on the module.The label "Auto 2.4W" means that the USB port automatically recognizes the type of charging device,and "noIC" means that the USB port does not recognize the charging device.For devices that require an agreement to charge,use the "Auto 2.4W" USB port to charge.
  2).The input voltage range of the module is within DC 5.6-14V,the maximum output current is 4A,and the module automatically shuts off the output when it exceeds 4A.In order to protect the subsequent modules,there is a 2A self-recovery fuse at the input.If the input current exceeds 2A,the fuse becomes high-impedance and the output is turned off.
Therefore,if the output current is relatively large,the input voltage should be appropriately increased and the input current should be reduced.For example,to output 5V 3A,the input voltage should be greater than 7.5V (3A*5V) /2A).
  3).The module has an adjustable potentiometer,which can adjust the output voltage from 4.8V to 5.6V.The adjustable range may be different for different input voltages.
  1pcs USB Charging Module
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DC 5.6V-14V to DC 4.8V-5.6V Step-Down Module USB Power Bank 3 USB Port Charging Module