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DC 3V-5V FM Transmitter Module CJMCU-4713 SI4713 I2C Interface

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  It is a FM transmitter module.Based on the first-class Si4713, this breakout board is an all-in-one stereo audio FM transmitter.Connect your home controller to the I2C data cable to set the transmission frequency and play line level audio to the stereo headphone jack.
  1).It can transmit RDS/RBDS data.
  2).It has a stereo headphone jack.
  3).It supports I2C interface.
  1).Product Name:FM Transmitter Module
  2).Supply Voltage:DC 3V-5V
  3).Communication Interface: I2C
  4).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  5).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Power Pins:
  1).LIN:audio input,connect the left channel of the earphone
  2).RIN:audio input,connect the right channel of the earphone
  3).Vin:DC 3V-5V.
  4).GND:this is power and logic ground,connect to your microcontroller's ground pin.
  5).3Vo:this is the output from the onboard regulator,3.3V nominal.You can use this if you need up to 100mA of 3V regulated voltage
  7).CS:Select pin,used in spi mode.The i2c address is determined.When connected to high level (default),the i2c address is 0x63.If it is grounded or short-circuited,the i2c address is 0x11.
  8).SCL:Clock pin,connected to the microcontroller.
  9).SDA:Data pin,connected to the microcontroller.
  10).GPIO:can be used to make the LED blink,the initial state has been set,3V output.
  1).1pcs FM Transmitter Module
  2).1pcs 11 Pin Headers
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DC 3V-5V FM Transmitter Module CJMCU-4713 SI4713 I2C Interface