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DC 8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor, Digital Battery Status Tester Meter, Battery Percentage Level Indicator Voltage Power Display

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PZEM-009 DC8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor

  PZEM-009 is a DC8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor which can supports Lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary polymer lithium battery, also can support multiple batteries in series.

  User can set the corresponding parameters according to the actual situation to measure and display the current voltage, battery capacity percentage, and battery indicator symbol. It is very suitable for applications such as car, mobile devices, boats, outdoor equipment and so on.

1>.Support Lithium iron phosphate battery
2>.Support Ternary polymer lithium battery
3>.Display current battery voltage value
4>.Display percentage of remaining battery capacity
5>.Display battery remaining capacity symbol with in three red/yellow/blue color
6>.Color LCD Display Screen
7>.Voltage Calibratable:
8>.Power-down memory function

1>.Product name:PZEM-009 DC8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor
3>.Work voltage:DC 8V-100V
4>.Work current:8~10mA
5>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
6>.Work Humidity:20%-85%RH

4.Display Functions:
1>.Voltage Display:
       Measuring range: DC8V-100V.

Display format:
       Display as 9.99V if voltage is <10V.
       Display as 99.9V if voltage is <100V.
       Display OL if voltage is more than 100V.
       Display accuracy:1%.

2>.Percentage Display:
       Display range: 0%~100%. 

Display format:
       Display as 9% if voltage is <10%.
       Display as 99% if voltage is <100%.
       Display 100% if voltage is more than 100%.

3>.Battery Symbol Display:
     The battery symbol display consists of 5 squares, each representing 20% of the battery capacity.

Display format:
All display if capacity >90%.The first grid keep flashing if 80%<Capacity<=90%.
Display 4 squares if Capacity<=80%.The 2nd grid keep flashing if 60%<Capacity<=70%.
Display 3 squares if Capacity<=60%.The 3th grid keep flashing if 40%<Capacity<=50%.
Display 2 squares if Capacity<=40%.The 4th grid keep flashing if 20%<Capacity<=30%.
Display 1 squares if Capacity<=20%.The 5th grid keep flashing if Capacity<=10%.

5.Setting Method:
1>.ON/OFF Display Screen: Press button to turn ON or OFF display screen.
2>.Switch Battery Types:
2.1>.Keep press button more than 1 second enter battery switch mode. And then screen will display battery type symbols such as ‘60V L’
2.2>.Press button to switch battery types as following ‘Comparison Table of Battery Types and Symbols’
2.3>.Choose the type of battery you need.
2.3>.Keep press button more than 1 second or no any operation within 2second to save and exit.
3>.Calibrate Display Voltage Value:
3.1>.Keep press button before connect work voltage.
3.2>.Connect DC 20V voltage.
3.3>.Calibration successful if the screen display CAL→Pass and return to normal display screen.
3.4>.Release button.

1>.Battery production line testing
2>.Warehouse battery testing
3>.Photovoltaic industry
4>.Battery maintenance
5>.Electronic DIY project
6>.Car, marine, RV, boat
7>.Production workshop
8>.Mobile devices
9>.Outdoor equipment
10>.Electric bicycle

  1pcs PZEM-009 DC8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor
  1pcs XH2.54-2P 50cm Power Wire


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DC 8V-100V Battery Capacity Monitor, Digital Battery Status Tester Meter, Battery Percentage Level Indicator Voltage Power Display