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Digital Display Voltage Current Meter DC 0-300A/300V Power Electric Energy Consumption Tester

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  It is a digital display voltage and current meter. It can measure DC voltage,current,power,energy consumption and display it on the LCD screen.
  1).It uses HTN wide viewing angle liquid,which is clearly distinguishable.
  2).It can detect voltage,current,power consumption,and energy consumption.
  3).It has current reverse indication and energy consumption reverse indication.
  4).It uses a green backlight display,high contrast and clearer.
  5).It uses embedded installation and simple wiring.
  6).It has an integrated built-in shunt design.
  7).It uses PBT material,which is more resistant to heat preservation.
  8).It can be applied to scenarios such as photovoltaic inverter,assembly line testing,electronic maintenance and electronic DIY.
  1).Product Name:Digital Display Voltage and Current Meter
  2).Supply Voltage:DC 5V-12V
  3).Voltage Measurement Range:DC 0-300V
  4).Measuring Voltage Display Format:
     1.00V (measured voltage display<10V)
     10.0V (measured voltage display<100V)
     100V (measured voltage display>/=100V)
  5).Starting Voltage:0.05V
  6).Current Measurement Range:+/-0-300A
  7).Measuring Current Display Format:
     1.00A (measured current display<10A)
     10.0A (measured current display<100A)
    100A (measured current display>/=100A)
  8).Starting Current:+/-0.02A
  9).Power Measurement Range:0-90KW
  10).Measuring Power Display Format:
     1.00W (measured power display<10W)
     10.0W (measured power display<100W)
     100W (measured power display<1000W)
     1000W (measured power display<10000W)
  11).Energy Consumption Measurement Range:+/- 0-999KWh
  12).Display Format of Measured Energy consumption:
     100WH (measured power display<1KWh)
     1KWH (measured power display<10KWh)
     10KWH (measured power display<100KWh)
     100KWH (measured power display<1000KWh)
  13).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  14).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
  1).This product is suitable for indoor use.
  2).This product is suitable for DC.
  3).The measured voltage and current shall not exceed the calibration range.
  4).Be sure to wire it correctly.
5.Other Functions:
  1).Backlight control:Short key to turn on or off the backlight
  2).Energy consumption reset:long press the button for more than 3 seconds to reset energy consumption
  3).Current indication:The current has a direction indication,and the "-" sign indicates reverse,otherwise it means forward.
  4).Energy consumption indication:
    1.1).The energy consumption has a direction indicator,and the "-" sign indicates the reverse direction,otherwise it indicates the forward direction.
    1.2).The direction of energy consumption accumulation is judged according to the direction of the current.When the current is positive,the energy consumption increases,the maximum is 999KWH,and the overflow is maintained unless manually cleared;when the current is reversed,the energy consumption decreases,the maximum is 999KWH,and the overflow is maintained,unless manually cleared.
6.Working method:
  1).Direct Power Supply:direct power supply for test voltage,measuring range:8-300V
  2).Independent Power Supply:working voltage range:DC5-12V,measuring range:0-300V
  3).Data storage:energy consumption,the backlight state can be saved when power off.
  1pcs Digital Display Voltage and Current Meter
   2pcs 2-Pin Wire
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Digital Display Voltage Current Meter DC 0-300A/300V Power Electric Energy Consumption Tester