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AC 110V 220V 4Bit Digital LED Tachometer RPM Speed Meter with Hall Proximity Switch Sensor

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It is a high-precision digital speed meter and a proximity sensor. The proximity sensor switch and the motor need to be fixed with a bracket.The more stable the fixing,the month is helpful for stable detection.

HIGH PRECISION MEASUREMENT: Measuring range: 10-9999; Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%, reading ±1 word; Display refresh rate: >3 times/second

ANTI-INTERFERENCE: Comes with Hall sensor and magnet, good stability, accurate Hall induction, reliable speed measurement, strong anti-interference ability.

LED DISPLAY: Equipped with 4-bits digital LED display, which makes the speed meter clear and easy for reading.

OVER-RANGE DISPLAY: If the rotation speed is too low, it will display "LLLL"; if the rotation speed is too high, it will display "HHHH"

1. Avoid using strong electromagnetic interference;

2. When testing, the Hall switch and the magnet need to be fixed firmly, otherwise it will cause vibration, resulting in a jumping or inaccurate reading, and the distance between the Hall switch and the magnet must be within 10mm

1>.Product name: AC 110V 220V 4Bit Digital LED Tachometer
2>.Work Voltage:AC 110V-230V
3>.Measuring Range:10-9999
4>.Measurement Accuracy:+/- 0.1%
5>.Display Refresh Rate:3 times/sec
6>.Over-range Display:display "----"
7>.Display screen:4Bit 0.56in Red
8>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
9>.Work Humidity:10%~85%RH
10>.Display Size:80*70*28mm
11>.Sensor Size:56*25*25mm


Usage Errors and Solutions

  • Error: The eccentric turntable shakes up and down when rotating, resulting in inaccurate speed
  • Solution: Change it to a circular turntable, and let the rotation be a circular trajectory.
  • Error: The magnet is not fixed, resulting in inaccurate detection.
  • Solution: Need to fix the magnet on a level surface.
  • Error: Please do not hold the Hall switch or hold the motor.
  • Solution: Hall switch and motor need to be fixed for stable measurement.

1pc AC 110V 220V 4Bit Digital LED Tachometer
1pc NJK-5002C Proximity Sensor
1pc 10cm XH2.54-3P Cable




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AC 110V 220V 4Bit Digital LED Tachometer RPM Speed Meter with Hall Proximity Switch Sensor