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DC-DC Boost Converter 800W 12A Step UP Power Supply Module 10V-65V to 12V-120V Voltage Regulator Solar MPPT Charging LCD1602

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   DPX800S adopts LCD1602 LCD numerical control constant voltage power supply, small size, high power, high efficiency, stable work, can output constant voltage and constant current, and the module comes with a constant voltage algorithm boost MPPT function, which can grab solar panels Maximum output power.

  Adopting advanced microprocessor control, the parameters can be adjusted quickly and conveniently through buttons and encoders. And using LCD1602 liquid crystal display, it can display output voltage, current, power, output capacity and input voltage, working status and other information in real time. With communication function, it can communicate with a computer or a single-chip computer to read or set the parameters of the instrument.

  1>.Adopt LCD1602 to display information, keys and encoders to adjust parameters, which makes human-computer interaction more convenient;
  2>.Using high-quality power devices, together with the CV and CC loops formed by peripheral precision op amps, greatly improve the performance of the module;
  3>.It comes with a fan to dissipate heat, and the temperature rise is small;
  4>.Full digital display, convenient and easy to use;
  5>.It can output with constant voltage and constant current;
  6>.Using advanced microprocessor, the button can accurately adjust the output voltage and current;
  7>.Can be set to automatically output after power on;
  8>.With input under-voltage protection (LVP), output over-voltage protection (OVP), output over-current protection (OCP);
  9>.With communication function, it is convenient for secondary development;
  10>.With boost MPPT function, it is suitable for solar panel boost charging to capture the maximum output power of the solar panel;
  11>.The output can be turned off to 0, which is safer and more convenient than traditional Boost boosters;

  1>.Parameter display mode: LCD1602 display
  2>.Input voltage: 10v~65v (800w)
  3>.Input current: 15A (Max)
  4>.Output voltage: 12v~120v (800W)
  5>.Output current: 0~12.0A
  6>.Output power: 800W (Max)
  7>.Input protection mode: Under voltage protection (LVP)
  8>.Output protection mode: Over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (0CP)
  9>.Voltage adjustment resolution: 0.1V
  10>.Current adjustment resolution: 0.1A
  11>.Voltage display resolution: 0.1V
  12>.Current display resolution: 0.01A
  13>.Fan start condition: output current is greater than 1.5A or power is greater than 40W
  14>.Short circuit protection: 15A car fuse
  15>.Wiring mode: 8500 terminal block
  16>.Size: 130mm*86mm*60mm

4.Precautions for use:
  1>.This module is a boost module, VOUT≥VIN. After powering on the module, when the output is not turned on, the output terminal voltage is 0V. There is no disadvantage that the input is equal to the output. If the set output voltage is lower than the input voltage, the output voltage after the output is also equal to the input voltage, which is normal. , When in use, the input voltage must be lower than the output voltage or the rated voltage of the electronic and electrical equipment;

  2>. Description of the constant current function. Due to the limitation of the BOOST boost circuit structure, the minimum voltage value output by the BOOST boost circuit is equal to the input voltage, so the instrument cannot short-circuit constant current, but as long as it reaches the condition of constant current state, it can achieve constant current. Function, this function is particularly suitable for boosting battery charging. Assuming that the output set current value is I, the impedance of the output load is R, and the input voltage is Uin, when I*R>Uin, the constant current function can be realized, otherwise it cannot be realized. Stream function;

  3>. The module has input under-voltage protection function (LVP) and recovery output value (STR). If the input under-voltage protection value (LVP) is set, and the LVP function is turned on; and the recovery output value (STR) is also set , And then turn on the STR function, so that when the input voltage is lower than LVP, the boost function will be turned off to stop the output, and when the input voltage is higher than the (STR) value, the module will restart the output. When setting STR>LVP; this function is especially suitable for the battery boost power supply function, which can protect the input battery from damage due to undervoltage, and automatically turn on the boost function when the charging reaches a suitable voltage, which is very intelligent;

  4>.DPX800S is based on the MPPT function of the constant voltage algorithm, which is to change the charging current by adjusting the output voltage to ensure that the output voltage of the solar panel is always near the voltage point corresponding to the maximum power. Generally, the maximum power point of the solar panel corresponds to the voltage It is 0.78 times the open circuit voltage. When using the MPPT function of the product, in order to ensure that the product can better capture the maximum power of solar energy and ensure the safety of battery charging, some parameter settings must be set first: MOD, LVP, OVP, OCP, STR, For specific setting instructions, refer to the instructions for use.

  1pcs DPX800S Boost power module

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DC-DC Boost Converter 800W 12A Step UP Power Supply Module 10V-65V to 12V-120V Voltage Regulator Solar MPPT Charging LCD1602