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100W DC-DC Step Up Module Boost Converter Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module 3-32V to 3-35V USB Output with LED Voltmeter Display

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Product Introduction:
1. Name: 100W Step Up Module
2. Character: non-isolated boost module
3. Input Voltage: 3-32V
4. Input Current: 10A (max); if larger than 6A, please add heat sink
5. Quiescent Current: 15mA (not include voltmeter current; when 12V increase to 20V, output voltage becomes higher, and quiescent current will be larger)
6. Output Voltage; 3-35V continuous adjustable (default output 19V)
7. Output Current: 6A (max); if surpass 5A, please add heat sink
8. Output Power: input voltage*6A
9. Operating Temperature: -40~85 celsius (when ambient temperature is high,please improve heat dissipation)
10. Operating Frequency: 280KHz
11. Conversion Efficiency: 96% (max)
12. Overcurrent Protection: yes
13. Short Circuit Protection: yes
14. Input Transposition Protection: no
15. Recognition Resistor: tablet, ipad, iphone (some cellphone recognition circuit are different, and needs adjusting)
16. Voltmeter Minimum Resolution: 0.05V (when it is lower than 10V, it will automatically switch decimal point)
17. Installation Way: 4 pcs 3mm screws
18. Connection Way: connection terminal freee soldering output
19. Size: 60*50*20mm
20. Chip: LTC1781

Application Fields:
1. DIY Voltage-Stabilized Power: input 12V, output 12-35V adjustable, with voltmeter
2. Provide Electronic Equipment With Power: according to your system voltage, it can set corresponding output value.
3. As Vehicle Power Supply:supply power for your tablet, PDA or other digital device.
4. DIY High Power Tablet Mobile Power: match with 12V lithium battery pack
5. Solar Battery Board
6. DIY High Current Mobile Power: use single lithium battery can boost voltage to 5V, with USB port and recognition resistor; 2.5A high current output, and it can charge for several cellphones.

Operation Introduction:
1. Voltmeter Power Supply Selection: you can choose whether voltmeter power supply from input or output by jumper (IN meter is input,OUT meter is output). Relatively low voltage can decrease voltmeter's power consumption, it will be correct to short circuit connect jumper with jumper cap.If take off the jumper cap. Voltmeter will not operate.
2. USB Output Port:onboard USB is for connecting with output port ,if used in 3V to 5V,it can directly charge for cellphone with recognition resistor. Please notice that when using USB for output,making sure output voltage is consistent with your digital product; otherwise your appliance will be burned.
3. Display Voltage Switch: this module can switch display input voltage and output voltage by a band switch; VI represents input voltage; VO represents output voltage.

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Goods match the description. Recommend this step up module.

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100W DC-DC Step Up Module Boost Converter Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module 3-32V to 3-35V USB Output with LED Voltmeter Display

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