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JSN-SR04T Integrated Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Module Waterproof Transducer Sensor

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  It is a integrated ultrasonic ranging module.This product adopts industrial-grade integrated ultrasonic probe design,waterproof type,stable performance.
  1>.It has strong anti-interference performance
  2>.It has stable performance and accurate measurement distance
  3>.It has high accuracy and stable ranging
  4>.Small size and easy to use
  5>.It has low voltage and low power consumption
  6>.Integrated sealed waterproof strip line probe,suitable for wet and harsh measurement occasions
  1>.Product Name:Integrated Ultrasonic Ranging Module
  2>.Working Voltage:DC 5V
  3>.Static Working Current:5mA
  4>.Working Current:30mA
  5>.Acoustic Emission Frequency:40KHz
  6>.Test the Longest Distance:4.5 meter
  7>.Blind Zone:25cm
  8>.Work Temperature:-10℃~70℃
  9>.Storage Temperature:-20℃~80℃
  10>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Basic working principle:
  1>.It uses IO port TRIG to trigger ranging and give a high-level signal of at least 10us.
  2>.The module automatically sends 8 square waves of 40khz,and automatically detects whether a signal is returned.
  3>.When a signal is returned,a high level is output through the IO port ECHO.The duration of the high level is the time from when the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to when it returns.Test distance=(high level time*sound speed (340M/S))/2.
  4>.The use of this module is simple.A control port sends a high level above 10US,and you can wait for a high-level output at the receiving port.When there is an output,you can start a timer to count.When this port becomes low,you can read,the value of the timer at this time is the time of the distance measurement before the distance can be calculated.This continuous cycle measurement can reach the value of your mobile measurement.
  5>.It is recommended that the measurement period be more than 60ms.In order to prevent the positive emission signal from affecting the reverberation signal.
  1>.Horizontal ranging
  2>.Obstacle avoidance and automatic control
  3>.Objects approaching and being aware
  4>.Traffic control
  5>.Security and industrial control
  6>.Artificial intelligence,teaching and research
  1>.1pcs Integrated Ultrasonic Ranging Module
  2>.1pcs 2.5meter Ultrasonic Probe
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JSN-SR04T Integrated Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Sensor Module Waterproof Transducer Sensor