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RCWL-1670 Waterproof 400cm RangeFinder Transceiver Separated Ultrasonic Ranging Module Distance Tester

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   RCWL-1670 is a waterproof, transceiver split ultrasonic ranging module. 2cm-400cm ranging range, 3-5 V wide voltage operation, 1.5uA@3.3V / 3.5uA@5V Ultra low standby power consumption. The module includes a transmitter receiver split waterproof ultrasonic sensor and a control circuit. The external control software is compatible with the HC-SR04 module.

  1>.The module has waterproof and dust-proof functions, and is suitable for wet and harsh measurement occasions
  2>.The module has ultra-low standby power consumption, which is suitable for battery applications
  3>.RCWL-1670 is a waterproof, transceiver split ultrasonic ranging module
  1>.Model: RCWL-1670
  2>.Working voltage: 3-5V
  3>.Working current: 6mA
  4>.Standby current: 3.5uA@5V 1.5uA@3.3V
  5>.Blind area: 2cm
  6>.Farthest ranging: 4m
  7>.Measurement cycle: 50mS
  8>.Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
  9>.Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  10>.Size: 57x23x11mm

  outdoor robot obstacle avoidance,
liquid level, water level measurement, trash can detection, other ranging applications, etc.

5.Interface Definition:
  5V: 3-5V power supply
  TX: ECHO return distance signal
  RX: TRIG trigger signal
  GND: ground

  1>.This module should not be connected with electricity. If it is necessary to connect with electricity, let the Gnd end of the module connect first;
  2>. If the test surface is not very regular or when testing remote objects, multiple measurements can be used to correct;
  3>. The interval between two tests shall not be less than 50mS.
  4>. It need to use the HY2.0 connector.

  1pcs Waterproof 400cm RangeFinder Transceiver Separated Ultrasonic Ranging Module

Note: T labled in left pcb means transmitter; R in right is receiver.



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RCWL-1670 Waterproof 400cm RangeFinder Transceiver Separated Ultrasonic Ranging Module Distance Tester