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DC-DC 11V-50V 5A Step Up Power Supply Module Adjustable Boost Adapter CVCC Converter LCD Display Board with Acrylic Shell

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ZK-S5X is a DC adjustable constant voltage constant current step up power supply module with LCD display. HD display input voltage and output voltage, current, power and display status.Adjustable stable output voltage and current.Set output current to meet the demand.It can be used as ordinary buck power supply module and charger. Simple and efficient, practical.

1>.High voltage resistant terminal;
2>.Support complete disability output;
3>.Support anti-reverse protection; short circuit protection; Overcurrent protection; Anti-backflow protection;
4>.LCD screen HD display;
5>.Support charging function;
6>.Support select output;
7>.Support display input voltage; display output voltage, current, power;
8>.Support working status indicator;
9>.Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneous;
10>.High current, low heat;

1>.Product Name:ZK-S5X 5A Step Up Power Supply Module
2>.Product Number:ZK-S5X
3>.Working Voltage:DC 9.0V-45V
4>.Output Voltage:DC 11V-50V
5>.Output Current:5A(Disability output if more than 5A)
6>.Output Power:90W(Disability output if more than 90W)
7>.Voltage Display Range:0~50V
8>.Voltage Display Precision:+/-0.3V
9>.Voltage Display Resolution:0.05V
10>.Current Display Range:0~5A
11>.Current Display Resolution:+/-0.1A
11>.Current Display Precision:0.005A
13>.Conversion efficiency:About 96%
14>.Working current:30mA
15>.Short Protection:Yes
16>.Anti-reverse Protection:Yes
17>.Anti-backflow Protection:Yes
18>.Working Temperature range:-20℃~85℃
19>.Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH
20>.Size without install shell:80*50*40mm
21>.Size with shell:82*52*41m

Button/Potentiometer/LED introduction:
1>.Long press means need keep press for more than 3second.
2>ON/OFF:Short Press to select whether output.Default is OFF.
3>.IN/OUT:Short Press to switch display input voltage or output voltage.Long press is used to switch display output current or output power.
4>.CV Potentiometer:Adjust output voltage.Increase the output voltage when rotating clockwise.
5>.CC Potentiometer:Adjust output current.Increase the output current when rotating clockwise.Note:It just can be set after connect battery,otherwise module will not work normally.
6>.CHARGER LED:Red LED,Charging indicator.It will turn ON when charging.
7>.FULL LED:Green LED,Charged indicator.It will turn ON after charged.
8>.OUT LED:Blue LED,Output indicator.It will turn ON when there is a output at output terminal.

Using Steps:
1>.As a ordinary step down power module:
1.1>.Connect right input voltage at input terminal;
1.2>.Adjust CV constant voltage potentiometer to set output voltage according to require.
1.3>.Rotate CC potentiometer counterclockwise more than 20 turns at first.
1.4>.Rotate CC constant current potentiometer clockwise to set output current according to require overcurrent protection value.
1.5>.Test and using(E.g:Module’s maximum output current is 2A if display 2A on multimeter.Red LED indicator will turn on if output reach to 2A.Otherwise LED is OFF.)
1.6>.Screen will display ‘Err’ if load current is more than overcurrent protection value. So user need rotate CC potentiometer clockwise to increase output current.

2>.As a charger:
2.1>.Tops:Power module can not be used as charger module if it does not support constant current function.The voltage difference between the battery with insufficient voltage and the charger is very large.Causes excessive charging current even damage the battery.So it need keep charging in constant current mode to reaching a certain level.Then automatically switch back to constant voltage charging.
2.2>.Make sure floating charge voltage and charge current for battery.If the lithium battery’s parameter is 3.7V/2200mAh, then the float charge voltage is 4.2V, and the maximum charging current is 1C, which is 2200mA.
2.3>.Connect right input voltage at input terminal.(Note:Please don’t connect load during set parameter).
2.4>.Test output voltage by multimeter and adjust CC potentiometer to make sure output voltage reach to require floating charge voltage.(If charge a 3.7V lithium battery, adjust the output voltage to 4.2V)
2.5>.Rotate CC potentiometer counterclockwise more than 20 turns at first.
2.6>.Connect to battery at output terminal.
2.7>.Rotate CC constant current potentiometer clockwise to set output current according to require charge current value.

Error Message:
There are four error prompts display on LCD if user operation error:
1>.’Err’ : It is because output voltage is less than input voltage.It is a step up module.So please make sure output voltage is more than input voltage.User can adjust CV potentiometer.It will also prompt if output short circuit or set constant current mode but without use battery as load.
2>.’OP’ : Power overload alarm.It is because output power is more than 90W.User need change load.Module just can support 90W at maximum.
3>.’OU’ : Output voltage overload alarm.It is because the set output voltage is more than 50V.
4>.’OC’ : Output current overload alarm.It is because current output current is more than 5A.

1>.Constant current just support battery! It will not work if load is not battery.
2>.It is a step up power supply module,So the output voltage must be higher than input voltage.Otherwise it will not working normally.
3>.Short-circuit output is not supported to regulate constant current value.
4>.It is a DC power module,So it can not connect to AC power.
5>.Input voltage must be 0.8V lower than output voltage.
6>.’IN-’ and ‘OUT-’ can not be connect together,otherwise module can not support constant current output.
7>.Please make sure input power is more than load power.
8>.Please step down output power if module is hot.
9>.Please read use manual and description before use.
10>.Default output voltage is about 15V.

1>.Ordinary power supply;
2>.Battery charger;
3>.Instrument voltage display;
4>.Test meter;
5>.Circuit test;
6>.Power conversion.

1>.1pcs ZK-S5X 5A Step Up Power Supply Module;
2>.1pcs Heat Sink;
3>.2pcs Acrylic shell;
4>.2pcs Black button cap;
5>.4pcs M3*25mm Copper column;
6>.4pcs M3*8+6mm Copper column;
7>.8pcs M3*5mm Screw.



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DC-DC 11V-50V 5A Step Up Power Supply Module Adjustable Boost Adapter CVCC Converter LCD Display Board with Acrylic Shell