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2PCS Buzzer Alarm with Strobe Red LED Light, DC 24V Strobe Siren Piezo Buzzer, 100dB Electronic Beep Buzzer for Car Alarm Home Security

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  BJ-3 is a DC 24V 100dB Audible Visual Alarm. It works as Red Flashing and High Decibel Buzzer after power ON. It can be used for on-site audible and flashing alarms.

  Loud Sound Alarm With 100 dB: This buzzer alarm is equipped with a high-decibel alarm that emits a sound of 100 dB, making it suitable for use in areas where loud noises are required to alert.

  Red LED Light Flashing Alarm: In addition to the loud sound alarm, this piezo buzzer also features a red LED light that flashes during an emergency. This visual alarm can help individuals with hearing difficulties or in noisy environments to identify the emergency and take appropriate action.

  DC 24V Power Supply: The power supply voltage for the strobe siren is 24V. It is possible to use a lower voltage to decrease the volume, but note that low voltage can result in intermittent sound. It is recommended to use DC 24V power supply.

  Connection Cable: This beep tone alarm equipped with a 17cm/6.69 inch connection cable, making it easy to install and use. The cable is designed to connect to a power source. Of course, you can also use your own wiring to extend it if you feel it's too short.

  Wide Range of Uses: This electronic buzzer beep is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings, including industrial environments, warehouses, construction sites, public spaces, and more. Its loud sound alarm, flashing LED light, and easy connectivity make it an ideal choice for any location where emergency alerting is necessary.

  Product Name: BJ-3 DC 24V 100dB Audible Visual Alarm

  Work Voltage:DC 24V
  Work Current:150mA
  LED Color:RED
  Work Temperature:-20℃~75℃
  Work Humidity:10%~85%RH


  Production workshop
  Safety inspection equipment
  Emergency scene
  Traffic Management System

  2pcs BJ-3 DC 24V 100dB Audible Visual Alarm


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2PCS Buzzer Alarm with Strobe Red LED Light, DC 24V Strobe Siren Piezo Buzzer, 100dB Electronic Beep Buzzer for Car Alarm Home Security