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DIY Kit 6Bit Electronic Clock Alarm Counter Countdown Stopwatch Electronic Soldering Practice Learning Kits

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  It is a 6Bit Digital Electronic Clock DIY Kit. It integrates six functions: time, alarm clock, calibration, countdown, stopwatch and counter. It is easy to operate, beautiful design, very suitable for home or office environment.

  Great School Science Project: The DIY Clock Kits are used to installed to a 6-Digit Digital Electronic Clock. It is widely used in schools to help students learn basic mechanical and electronic skills. It's a great Science Fair project. Highly recommended to practice soldering skills enjoyably for you.

  Wide Time Functions: Wide functions with clock, time set, alarm set, countdown timer, stopwatch, counter, hourly chime, precise time display, and 24 hours format. Accurate Travel Time--the error range ±1 sec every 24 hours.

  Easy Assembly: In addition to teaching basic mechanical and electronic principles, the clock kit is easy to build and is so simple. The connection that was clearly mapped and labeled on the board makes it easy to assemble. It's often used to teach basic soldering skills. It's a great first kit for any STEM student. No programming is required.

Installation Manual:

  1>.Time Display/Calibrate:Display time and support calibration.
  2>.Alarm Clock: Built-in alarm clocks. Users can ON or OFF according needs.
  3>.Countdown:Set the countdown as required. Maximum time is 99:59:59.
  4>.Stopwatch: Record minutes and seconds after start.Maximum time is 99:59:59.
  5>.Counter:It can also serve as a counter, with a counting range of 0~999999
  6>.DIY Kits for learning and practice electronic soldering knowledge/skills. Great for electronics hobbyists, beginners, school and home education.

  1>.Item name: 6Bit Digital Electronic Clock DIY Kit
  2>.Work voltage:DC 5V-12V
  3>.Display color:Red
  4>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
  5>.Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

  1>.It does not support the time memory function, so it needs to recalibrate the time every time the power is turned on.
  2>.Users can choose any power supply mode.

5.Component listing:

More Details about the clock kit:

6.Set Method:
  1>.Button Description: S1 is Function SET Button, S2 is Function Select Button, S3 is Add Value Button.
  2>.Operating Instructions: Click S1 Button to enter the parameter setting state. Save and exit the setting mode when pressed for the 6th time. Or keep press S1 button 2second to save and exit.
  3>.Display Time: Default display 10:10:00 after power ON.

  4>.Calibrate Time:
4.1>.Click S1 at the 1st time to Calibrate Display Time.
4.2>.Then display flashes automatically.
4.3>.Click S2 to increase value 1 for hour bit. Click S3 to increase value 1 for minute. Note: Decreasing parameters value is not supported. It turns to 0 if more then 59.

  5>.Alarm Clock:
5.1>.Click S1 at the 2nd time to set Alarm Clock.
5.2>.Then display flashes automatically and display 22:10:00 and 4 LED keep ON.
5.3>.Click S2 to increase value 1 for hour bit. Click S3 to increase value 1 for minute. Second cannot be changed.
5.4>.It means turn OFF Alarm Clock function if display ‘--:--:--’.
5.5>.Alarm is a buzzer that lasts for 3 seconds.

6.1>.Click S1 at the 3rd time to set Countdown.
6.2>.Default display 0. Click S2 to display more bit from low bit to high bit.
6.3>.Click S3 to increase value 1 for the highest bit. Note: Set the low value first, and then set the high value.
6.4>.Click S2 for the seventh time to start the countdown.
6.5>.Click S2 again to stop countdown and return to set mode.

7.1>.Click S1 at the 4th time to set Stopwatch.
7.2>.Then display 00:00:00 and 4 LED keep ON.
7.3>.Click S2 button to start Stopwatch and click again to stop.
7.4>.Click S3 button to clear stopwatch time at stop status.

8.1>.Click S1 at the 5th time to set Counter.
8.2>.Then display 00:00:00.
8.3>.Click S2 to increase value 1.
8.4>.Click S3 button to clear counter time.



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DIY Kit 6Bit Electronic Clock Alarm Counter Countdown Stopwatch Electronic Soldering Practice Learning Kits