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DIY Kit Music Circuit LED Flashing Module Electronic Components Soldering Practice Kits

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    The 14-level binary counter CD4060 with internal oscillation circuit is used as the control panel to control the 12 red, yellow and green LEDs to blink. The adjustment of R3 can change the blinking of the LED, and the music piece drives the music to emit music. In the circuit, the resistors R1, R2, R3 and the electrolytic capacitor C4 form the RC oscillator of the CD4060.
  The change of R3 can change the frequency of the oscillator circuit. The CD4060 internally counts the oscillator signal, and the count result is output from the Q4-Q14 pin. Different count values correspond to different outputs. The CD4060's pin is the reset terminal and is reset at a high level.
  This circuit selects three output terminals of Q5-06. When the pin is low level, the connected transistor is turned on, and the LED connected to the emitter of the triode is lit. When Q5-Q7 are both high, D2-D4 is cut off and forms high on RST.Level, CD4060's 12-pin input is reset after high level. After reset, the output terminals are all 0, so that D2-D4 is all turned on, RST becomes low level, and starts counting from 0 again.
Voltage:4.5-5V DC
Material:FR-4 glass plate
Characteristics:High quality circuit board original
This kit can be used as a vocational college electronic skills, electronic training,electronic enthusiast learning.
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DIY Kit Music Circuit LED Flashing Module Electronic Components Soldering Practice Kits