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DC-DC Adjustable Buck Boost Power Supply Module with Fan, 80W 5A Solar Charging Module, LCD Display CVCC Step UP Step Down Voltage Converter 6-36V to 0.6-36V

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  XY-SK80H is a DC-DC 80W 5A CVCC Adjustable Automatic Buck Boost Power Supply Module with a new generation of larger LCD display screen. It is a non-isolated converter which supports solar charging. It can convert DC 6V-36V to DC 0.6V-36V power supply and can provide stable output.It can be used as ordinary buck power supply module, battery/solar charger or LED constant current drive and so on.

  Solar Charging: It can output a stable voltage value when the input voltage changes which is very suitable for solar energy systems such as solar charging, solar power supply, solar voltage conversion.

  Adjust CVCC: Constant voltage and constant current can not only stabilize the voltage, but also set the limit output current value to meet the current demand of the load. At the same time, it can also protect the load to avoid entering the over-current state.

  Larger HD LCD display screen: It adopts an upgraded full view large screen, which can display multiple parameters and working status at the same time.Experience more fluency.

  Programmable Multi Parameter: It can set/display output voltage/current/power,work time, output electric energy, output capacity, input voltage and ON/OUT/CV/CC work status.You can also set default output state after power on.

  Multiple Protection Mechanisms: Under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, over-power protection, over-temperature, over-capacity, over energy protection and so on.

1>.Product Name: XY-SK80H 80W 5A CVCC Buck Boost Power Supply Module
2>.Work Voltage:DC 6V-36V
3>.Output Voltage: DC 0.6V-36V
4>.Output Current: 0~5A
5>.Output Power: 80W
6>.Voltage Display Precision:+/-0.5%+0.01V
7>.Voltage Display Resolution:0.01V
8>.Current Display Precision:+/-0.5%+0.003A
9>.Current Display Resolution:0.001A
10>.Conversion efficiency:About 88%
11>.Soft start:Yes
12>.Input Anti-reverse Protection:Yes
13>.Output Anti-backflow Protection:Yes
14>.Input Under-voltage Protection:Yes(4.7V-30V adjustable, default 4.7V)
15>.Output over-voltage Protection:Yes(0V-37V adjustable, default 37V)
16>.Output over-current Protection:Yes(0A-5.2A adjustable, default 5.2A)
17>.Output over-power Protection:Yes(0W-82W adjustable, default 82W)
18>.Over-temperature Protection:95℃
19>.Timeout Protection:Yes(0-100H adjustable, default OFF)
20>.Over-capacity Protection:Yes(0-9999AH adjustable, default OFF)
21>.Over-energy Protection:Yes(0-9999WH adjustable, default OFF)
22>.Work Temperature:-20℃~85℃
23>.Work Humidity:10%~85%RH
1>. It is a DC power module, so it can not connect to AC power.
2>. Please connect input before connect battery when use as charge and make sure output voltage is higher than battery voltage.
3>. Please make sure input power is more than load power.
4>. Please step down output power if module is hot.
5.> Please read use manual and description before use.

5. User Manual:

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DC-DC Adjustable Buck Boost Power Supply Module with Fan, 80W 5A Solar Charging Module, LCD Display CVCC Step UP Step Down Voltage Converter 6-36V to 0.6-36V