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AC-DC Adjustable LM317 Voltage Regulator, Automatic Buck Boost Power Supply Module AC 5V-20V to DC 1.25V-30V

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   LM317 as a good regulator with high stability, high temperature, high linearity and other characteristics, the output voltage range up to 1.25V~37V continuously adjustable, the maximum operating current of more than 1A (using a large radiator or Active cooling measures). The board with a rectifier bridge, and with a 3300uF filter capacitor, can effectively reduce the output ripple and interference.

  1>. Linear voltage regulator LM317 voltage regulator module can stabilize the input DC voltage output;
  2>.The output voltage of LM317 ranges from 1.25V to 30V, and the maximum load current is 1.5A;
  3>.LM317 built-in overload protection, safety protection and other protection circuits. Typically, the LM317 does not require external capacitance, and the output capacitance can change the transient response;
  4>.The input voltage and output voltage of the module need to have a certain pressure difference, generally greater than 2V;
  5>.This upgrade has its own rectifier bridge, 3A 1000V voltage, support AC input.

  1>.Circuit board model: 30V 1.5A
  2>.Power protection: overload protection, safe area protection and other protection circuit
  3>.Input voltage: AC 5-20V
  4>.Input channel: 50Hz/60HZ
  5>.Output voltage: DC 1.25V-30V(Continuous adjustable)
  6>.Output current: Peak current 1.5A; Quiescent current 1mA
  7>.Load adjustment rate: 25mV
  8>.Input-output pressure difference: 2V
  9>.Work Temperature: -25℃~85℃
  10>.Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
  11>.Size: 77*42mm
  Widely used in intelligent ball bubble lamp power supply, intelligent household power supply, smart door lock power, bluetooth control power, beauty equipment, instrumentation, industrial control, LED lighting, industrial equipment, communications equipment, medical equipment, routers, iot, stage light power supply, home appliance control, etc.

  1pcs LM317 Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Board.

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AC-DC Adjustable LM317 Voltage Regulator, Automatic Buck Boost Power Supply Module AC 5V-20V to DC 1.25V-30V