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DIY Kit Analog AC three-phase Controller Motor Forward and Reverse Controller

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The electrician training circuit was simulated by means of pure electronic circuit. At the same time as the electronic skill training, electrician training was carried out to realize the purpose of high-efficiency training of electronic and electrical integration. This kit has 2 faults, and can send WORD competition questions and reference answers, which can be easily and flexibly modified and combined, suitable for various levels of competition, examination, training and so on.
Fault Test Point:
  Symptom: Press the forward button SB2, the analog motor can rotate but cannot lock itself
Troubleshooting: According to the circuit principle, the forward-rotating self-locking circuit is composed of VT7, VY9 and its peripheral resistors. When SB2 is measured, VT9 can be turned on, and then the voltage across R11 is high, indicating the connection between R11 and VT9. The circuit is open.
  Fault point: R11 and VT9 connection copper foil open
  Fault phenomenon: Press STOP button SB1 is invalid in analog flip state, analog motor can not stop
  Troubleshooting: According to the circuit principle, the reverse stop circuit consists of VD2 and VT12. When the SB1 key is pressed, the test VT12 can be turned on, and the VT12 collector voltage is 0V, but continue to test the VT10 voltage part connected to the VT12 collector. Explain that the circuit of the VT12 collector and VT10 collector is open.
  Fault point: copper foil open circuit connected to VT12 collector and VT10 base
Work voltage:DC 5V-12V
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DIY Kit Analog AC three-phase Controller Motor Forward and Reverse Controller