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AC to DC Constant Current Voltage Regulator Adjustable Power Supply Module DIY Kit AC 15-24V to DC 0-30V

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Adjustable DC regulated power supply


Parameter Value
Model POW-CC
Input Voltage 24V alternating(max)
Input Current 3A (max)
Output Voltage 0-30V
Output Linit Current 2mA-3A
Output Voltage Ripple 0.01%
PCB Size 94.2*80mm

Component List:

NO. Name PCB Silk Screen Value QTY
1 Metal Film Resistor R1 2.2K 1W 1
2 Metal Film Resistor R2 82ohm 1
3 Metal Film Resistor R3 220ohm 1
4 Metal Film Resistor R4 4.7K 1
5 Metal Film Resistor R5,R6,R13,R20,R21,R22 10K 6
6 Metal Film Resistor R7 0.47ohm 5W 1
7 Metal Film Resistor R8,R11 27K 2
8 Metal Film Resistor R9,R19 2.2K 2
9 Metal Film Resistor R10 270K 1
10 Metal Film Resistor R12,R18 56K 2
11 Metal Film Resistor R14 1.5K 1
12 Metal Film Resistor R15,R16 1K 2
13 Metal Film Resistor R17 33ohm 1
14 3296W Potentiometer RV1 100K 1
15 3296W Potentiometer P1,P2 10K 2
16 Electrolytic Capacitor C1 3300UF/50V 1
17 Electrolytic Capacitor C2,C3 47UF/50V 2
18 Electrolytic Capacitor C7 10UF/50V 1
19 Monolithic Capacitor C4 104P 1
20 Monolithic Capacitor C5 224P 1
21 Monolithic Capacitor C6,C9 101P 2
22 Monolithic Capacitor C8 331P 1
23 Diode 1N5408 D1-D4   4
24 Diode 1N4148 D5,D6,D9,D10   4
25 Diode 1N4007 D11   1
26 LED D12 3mm Red 1
27 5V1 D7,D8   2
28 S9014 Q1 TO-92 1
29 2SD882 Q2 TO-92 1
30 S9015 Q3 TO-92 1
31 2SD1047 Q4 TO-92 1
32 TL081 U1-U3   3
33 L7824 U4   1
34 KF301-3P J1   1
35 KF301-2P J2   1
36 XH2.54 2P J3   1
37 XH2.54 3P P1,P2   2
38 PCB 94.2*80mm   1
39 3P Cable L=300mm   1
40 TO-220 Dissipate heat Q2   1
41 M3*6 Screw Q2   1
42 M3*22 Screw Q4   1
43 M3 Nut P1-P2   2

1>.Only input AC (15--24V), and the maximum can not exceed 24V。
2>.Please make sure that the cooling fin is insulated from the circuit when it is installed on Q4(D1047). The circuit is of a linear stabilized electricity power, and the power dissipation of Q4 is at a relatively high level, thus please ensure that D1047 has a good cooling effect.

Circuit Debugging:
1>.Voltage Conditioning
Turn potentiometer P1 to the minimum, and then adjust the RV1 potentiometer, Make the output voltage is 0V.
2>.Current Conditioning
Connect the load resistance to the output point,for example,10ohm(make sure there is enough power), and the current potentiometer set at its max and the voltage potentiometer at its min,turn on the device,build up the voltage to 1V slowly,rotate the current potentiometer counterclockwise till the LED begin to emit light,at which point the current of the circuit is limited at 0.1A and the position could be marked. Adjust to 2V,5V,10V,20V,30V successively,and you could calibrate different input current,the formula is:I=U/R. For example,if the load of 10ohm is used,and U at 30V,I=3A (max output).You could substitute other load resistance with different values,but please make sure there is enough power and cooling.

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AC to DC Constant Current Voltage Regulator Adjustable Power Supply Module DIY Kit AC 15-24V to DC 0-30V

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