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Grayscale Sensor Photosensitive Color Recognizer Tracking Module for Smart Car Control

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  It is a grayscale line-finding sensor.A grayscale sensor with strong anti-interference is used.The light source adopts high-brightness white concentrating LED. The receiving tube collects the intensity of different reflected light and outputs an analog signal.

 As long as the reflection intensity of white light is different, the greater the difference is.The larger,the better the resolution.This product is usually used for intelligent car line inspection,ground color recognition and other occasions.

  1).This sensor is a single-channel analog sensor,which can be directly used in the arduino motherboard to receive analog signals.Other 51 and STM32 microcontroller motherboards need to use AD conversion circuits.
   2).The grayscale line sensor has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.
   3).The single-channel grayscale sensor can identify any color of the field in the smart car line-hunting competition,and the grayscale values of different colors output different voltage values of 0~4.8V.
   4).The detection distance range of the sensor is 2-30mm,and the output voltage value will be different at different heights.The lower the installation,the better the effect.

  1).Product Name:Grayscale Line Hunting Sensor
  2).Input Voltage:DC 5V
  3).Detection Distance:2-30mm
  4).Analog Signal Output:0-4.8V
  5).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  6).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

4.Programming Instructions:
  1).For example:when the height is 5MM,what is the read analog value,and when the height is 10mm,what is the read analog value,use the read analog value and the maximum value and minimum value within the analog value range of this module By comparing and calculating,you can judge whether the output value has changed,because the gray value of the black line and the white line are different,you can use programming control to detect whether it is on the white line or the black line,and then control the output motor to control the action of the trolley .

5.Description of Analog Output:
  1).When using 8-bit AD,the analog value is between 0-255.When using 10-bit AD,the conversion number is between 0-1024.As long as the value changes, it can be programmed and controlled to calculate the height of the sensor.Location.

6.Product Introduction:
   The grayscale sensor uses a high-brightness condensing LED as the emission source,and the receiving tube collects the difference in the intensity of the reflected light.When the sensor senses the change of the grayscale value of different color surfaces,the signal terminal pin outputs a constantly changing voltage signal (commonly known as:analog signal),this signal can be collected and processed by the single-chip AD.

  1pcs Grayscale Line Hunting Sensor


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Grayscale Sensor Photosensitive Color Recognizer Tracking Module for Smart Car Control