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ICStation 8x8 Red LED Light Lamp Display Dot Matrix Module Panel DIY Kits

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It's controlled by the STM8S003F3 MCU with 1K data storge space which is low cost, low power consumption, very powerful.
1. Product Feature:
  • Seamless splicing and so that the dot matrix can be flexible spliced .
  • Common cathode with bright dot matrix(8*8), display fresh and brilliant picture.
  • A screen roll freely, to achieve the perfect picture display
  • Since the master chip is used to- make product have the following characteristics:

   1).The transmission efficiency of up to 10MHz.

    2).Can be individually controlled for each point.
    3).Lowest power consumption of 450uA (one module).
    4).Power-on reset automatically display full black
    5).Serial communication, a great saving of MCU IO, also can be extended To expand the program with SPI.
    6).For each screen brightness control, by setting the instructions.
2. Application: Education,DIY, Robot,etc.
  • Voltage (with respect to GND) V+: -0.3V to 6V
  • DIN, CLK, LOAD, CS: -0.3V to 6V Current
  • DIG0-DIG7 Sink Curr: 500mA
  • SEGA-G, DP Source Current: 100mA
  • Continuous Power Dissipation (TA=+85°C) Narrow Plastic DIP: 0.87W
  • Wide SO: 0.76W
  • Narrow CERDIP: 1.1W
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -65°C to +160°C
  • Lead Temperature (soldering, 10sec): +300°C
4. PIN Definition
  • CLK: Serial-Clock Input. 10MHz maximum rate.
  • CS: Chip-Select Input. Serial data is loaded into the shift register while CSis low.
  • DIN: Serial-Data Input. Data is loaded into the internal 16-bit shift register on CLK’s rising edge
  • DOUT: Serial-Data Output. The data into DIN is valid at DOUT 16.5 clock cycles later.
  • VCC: Positive Supply Voltage. Connect to +5V.
  • GND: Ground

5.Demo figure by ICStation:

6. Download Material


I. Reviewed by ICStation's Customer Nick:

Learn More Details in the Video:

II. Reviewed by ICStation's Customer LeRoy Miller:

Learn More Details in the Video:
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III. Reviewed by ICStation's Customer Duane Degn:

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Pics & Videos

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Rating: [5] 5 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2017-07-05 21:01:17
Fast shipping and fast delivery. Highly recommended seller.
Rating: [5] 5 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2015-05-26 00:17:36
Great kit, smd soldering is not as hard as it seems! Shipping took a while but hey the kit is great and the matrices are linkable
Rating: [3] 3 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2015-05-24 08:15:40
Hello, i've bought four pices of them by you. but i have a problem, that a lot of dots are instantly shining. Does anybody knows what I've done wrong? Greetings Andreas
Rating: [4] 4 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2015-01-04 18:53:52
This is a great kit for the price, and a nice way to practice surface-mounted soldering skills. Pros: 1) If you want to have multiple displays aligned vertically, then this is the kit for you. The circuit board is the same size as the display, so you can place the displays side-by-side with no gap. 2) The jumpers used to chain multiple displays are much easier to work with than cables 3) The downloadable documentation is excellent. Cons: 1) There are no mounting holes in the circuit board, so you'll have to be creative when hanging these on a wall. 2) The pins used to connect multiple displays with the jumpers are intended for vertical alignment, not horizontal. In other words, if you want to display text vertically on multiple displays, you'll either have to connect them with cables, or change the software to rotate the text. 3) The solder pads for the SMT chips are a little too tight, making it challenging to solder. So, there is some room for improvement, but overall this is a high quality kit for a very good price.
Rating: [5] 5 of 5 Stars! Date Added: 2014-11-25 18:06:48
First off, the shipping was very fast and accurate. I just received these yesterday. I couldn't wait to play with them. I was able to assemble them in just a couple of minutes. They are awesome and work just as described. Also the price is pretty much the best I have found.
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ICStation 8x8 Red LED Light Lamp Display Dot Matrix Module Panel DIY Kits