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STC89C52 Development Board C51 Learning Experiment Board USB Programmable 8051 MCU Controller System Board

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  It is a 51 microcontroller development board.It can realize the control of the development board on the computer side,which is interesting and fun.Connect the USB cable to the computer,you can use the smart host computer client to directly control the development board,two-way real-time communication,you can control the development board,and collect the data returned by the development board in real time.
  1).It uses Micro USB interface and supports download/power supply/serial communication waiting.
  2).It uses CH340 chip,the download is more stable,and the driver fully supports win10/xp 32/64 bit system.
  3).It supports 51 single-chip small system modules,and 40 pins are led out by gold-plated pin headers,which are convenient for external devices.It adopts high-precision 11.0592MHZ crystal oscillator,and the high-quality IC socket supports tens of thousands of insertions and removals.
  4).It is equipped with 8-bit common cathode digital tube,with more digits,more comprehensive display and dual 74H573 latching chip control,simplifying complexity and highlighting LED digital tubes,with uniform brightness and long life.
  5).It uses black matrix keyboard and red independent keys,with clear distinction,imported reed keys,longer life than ordinary keys,smooth feel,clear keyboard number,easy to program and remember.
  6).It has 8-bit color running lights,the colors from top to bottom are red,green,yellow,blue,all of which use high-brightness LEDs,the current limiting resistor is evenly dimming,the overall color is harmonious and beautiful,and it is located in the upper left corner of the development board.The edge,the spacing is reasonable,the water lamp effect has been upgraded and optimized many times,the classic module,carefully built,the water lamp is a must-learn classic for beginners.
  7).It supports digital-to-analog/analog-to-digital conversion (AD/DA),adopts original PCF8591AD/DA chip,4-way AD input interface leads,with 2-way potentiometer input,1-way sensor interface input,supports synchronous multi-channel AD input ,8-bit resolution 1-channel DA output,using LED lights for visual display.
  8).It has an infrared receiving module,it cooperates with the provided infrared remote control,and it is easy to learn infrared decoding.High-quality metal shielded infrared receiving head,the receiving distance can reach 5m.
  9).It has an infrared emission module,which adopts a high-power infrared emission tube,with high signal strength and an effective transmission distance of up to 7m.It is a module with project portability.
  10).It adopts IIC external memory EEPROM,and 24C02 built-in 2K capacity memory,the storage content will not be lost after power failure,and has 1 million erasing and rewriting times.
  11).Real-time clock module,original DS1302 chip,dedicated clock chip,stable timing,programmable perpetual calendar,stopwatch and other use items.
  12).It has a multi-peripheral expansion interface,supports LCD1602 liquid crystal,supports LCD12864 liquid crystal,supports NRF24L01 wireless supports Bluetooth module,supports ultrasonic module,supports sound sensor,supports 18B20/photothermal sensor,supports human body infrared module.
  13).It supports buzzer alarm,it uses active buzzer to sound the experimental alarm and remind.
  14).It has onboard UNL2003 motor driver module,a professional motor driver chip,which can drive stepper motors and DC motors.
  15).It uses 5V/3.3V/GND interface,power output interface,which is convenient for supplying power to external devices.The development board can output 5V and 3.3V voltage,which is quite practical.
  16).It uses an 8*8 dot matrix module,which is easy to disassemble and assemble.It can be used for other hardware platforms and can be directly connected to the LCD1602 interface.It is mainly composed of 8*8 bit 64 high-brightness LED dot matrix,and its functions are widely used.It can display animations such as characters and complex Chinese characters,and can realize scrolling display up,down,left,and right,and has high experimental value.
  17).It comes with LCD display.The built-in 1602 liquid crystal display is the most suitable display device for the 51 single-chip microcomputer.It can display the data processed by the single-chip microcomputer on the screen in real time,and realize human-computer information interaction.The driving speed is fast,and there are many supporting materials.
  18).It has 18B20 digital temperature sensor,which is widely used in the field of single-chip microcomputer,and is very suitable for 51 single-chip microcomputer to do in-depth study.
  1).Product Name:51 Microcontroller Development Board
  2).Input Voltage:DC 3.3V/5V
  3).Product Accessories:15pcs
  4).Temperature Sensor:DS18B20
  5).System Compatibility:Win 10/WinXP 32/64
  7).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
  8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH
4.Display Function:
  1).Color running lights
  2).Digital tube dynamic display
  3).4*4 matrix keyboard scanning
  5).Infrared signal receiving experiment
  6).Infrared remote control air conditioner
  7).Real-time clock perpetual calendar
  8).4 channels AD input
  9).Dot matrix module
  10).Ambient temperature measurement
  11).Photoresistor experiment
  12).Thermistor experiment
  13).DC motor small fan
5.Use the Crowd:
  1).Electronics enthusiasts
  2).Zero-based beginners
  3).People who like to do experiments
6.Usage Scenarios:
  1).Make a smart home
  2).Screen animation display
  1).1pcs 51 microcontroller development board
  2).1pcs plastic test box
  3).1pcs DC motor small fan
  4).1pcs 38mm dot matrix module
  5).1pcs LCD1602 LCD screen
  6).1pcs 18B20 sensor
  7).1pcs photoresistor
  8).1pcs thermistor
  9).1pcs Micro USB cable
  10).1pcs infrared sensor
  11).1pcs STC89C52 chip
  12).1pcs 5-Pin cable
  13).5pcs screws
  14).5pcs copper pillar
  15).5pcs jumper cap
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